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    Tube vs. Tubeless on ebikes

    I cant wait to hear from the airless tire people
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    Brand new tire blew off the rim

    Exactly, this is the main appeal. I still carry a spare tube and tools, etc. everywhere. Can always put a tube and patch in if the tire is badly damaged. The tubeless setup just stops small punctures on its own which is really nice especially when commuting where I really don't want to have to...
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    Brand new tire blew off the rim

    That is scary. I found one video of the tubeless almotion and it says TLE on the sidewall if you pause it right away: Yours doesnt say TLE anywhere? Even if yours is the tubed version I cant believe that alone would cause the tire to pop off. 60psi does seem high but who knows. I am really...
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    Wireless Earbuds for cycling

    Shokz open run pro is what I use a lot. But won't help with wind noise obviously. I've used my noise cancelling Bose a couple times and the wind noise made them sound really weird.
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    Canyon Precede:ON 5 -- Anyone own one?

    Seems like a decent deal either way. So what if its an older gen motor. Per the website "Size M bikes have 500 Wh PowerTube batteries. Size L-XL bikes have 625 Wh PowerTube batteries" so I wouldnt say thats small. I'd go for it if you like the look.
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    What's your thoughts & suggestions?

    ^ The pro-vis clothing is amazing at night
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    Experience Thread: A noobie getting into a specialized vado 5.0 IGH

    Sweet bike. Thanks for your impressions of it. BTW, I use these five ten shoes sometimes and I can walk no problem in them. Hardly notice the cleat they just feel like a stiff and heavy regular shoe.
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    Diamondback Union 1

    Hey guys. I wanted to post some first impressions of a Diamondback Union 1 I got recently. There isnt much out there on this bike. I’m coming from a Specialized Levo that I ended up using for commuting, needless to say it wasn’t ideal. It was a fantastic ebike but not really suited for my...
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    Warranty transferable?

    I have a simple question that I cant seem to find an answer to, do bosch ebike systems warranty apply only to the original purchaser or does it follow the bike? Maybe varies by brand but I cant find an answer one way or another. I understand the warranty is generally 2 years as well? Seems...