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    Speed error

    I've fitted a 500W G020 rear hub motor to my Miami NCM bike. The only problem I am experiencing is the Das Kit C7 dispaly is showing a speed that is way too low by a factor of about 7. The supplier tells me this could be because the new motor only has 1 speed detecting magnet and to change the...
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    My NCM Miami 500W upgrade. Where do I go from here?

    I recently bought the NCM Miami because I liked the cruiser styling. I was really after a bike with a bigger motor than my BH Emotion Diamond Waves 250W as I like riding along the ocean front but hate having to commute there. Now that I have moved inland I have to commute 14km to the seaside and...
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    BH Bluetooth controller possibly for sale

    Hi. I would be keen to buy the unit. I am in Perth Australia and can pay using PayPal