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    Low Inventory offer

    I got a Flow for my wife. It came quickly in matt black, which apparently isn't the popular color (although impressive in the flesh).. But when I kept getting these "shipment delayed" messages from espin regarding my Sport order, and couldn't get ANY response to several voice messages left on...
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    Install dedicated headlight with Das-kit C7?

    I ordered the NCM rack and light kit for my Moscow Plus. Very pleased with the rack, it is very sturdily made and the mounting is elegant, requiring no supporting stay. I doubt I'll ever use the light, but it is nice to know it is there when I need it. Yes, I'll confirm there is no headlight...
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    New e-bike owner from Austin

    A week ago, YES, but already have my new bike in hand.. see below
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    New e-bike owner from Austin

    We live in a very hilly area of the , er, Texas Hill Country. I've been an long time avid biker, my wife and I rode some 1,500 miles from St. Louis to Maine then down to Virginia on our honeymoon. However, at age 75, in spite of best intentions, I just don't have the will to tackle the hill...