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    Trek 2018 Bike - Powerfly FS9 LT

    Will be interesting to see more details about the weight, frame geometry, component specs and suspension travel. Nobby Nics and a Fox 36 make for a pretty good start though. Never thought I'd be looking at an e-mountain bike, but after taking my XM700+ on a few mild trails and seeing how it...
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    E Biking: the Dark Side

    Do you get hate on trails, or on Triangle MTB? Sorry if u get it in person. The forum posters on TMTB can be a bit harsh, and they are very protective over anything that might jeopardize trail access. Most of the trails around here are either state or county parks which may have additional...
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    E Biking: the Dark Side

    Elyhim, are u in NC? That terrain looks familiar.
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    Just put a deposit down on an XM-700+

    Congrats! I hope you get great news on your scan. And I hope you enjoy your XM700+ as much as I have mine. I've never been much of a road biker before -- bought the XM to commute to work -- but a heretical thought has started to creep into my head that maybe, just maybe, I like the XM more...
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    Powerfly 8 FS

    Whew! That is fast! Good job
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    Powerfly 8 FS

    Nice, Larry! But you'll have to break the tie, as that was fast enough for me :)
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    Powerfly 8 FS

    XM700 can hit 25 with little effort. Heck, you can hit 25 uphill with some rider effort. And if you're going 25 at the crest of the hill, you can generate decent speed downhill : At 5'7", I appreciate the Lowstep version and would not really want the Highstep XM nor the SuperCommuter...
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    A Surprise XM700+ Demo

    Hey Dave, glad you enjoyed your time on the XM700+. I feel the same way about the Bosch system, and specifically looked for a bike with the Bosch Performance Speed motor. The XM700+ appealed to me as a good commuter bike for my trek (pun intended) to work -- at least once I installed a rear...
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    E Biking: the Dark Side

    Hi Ann, Good eye on the seatpost! It is designed that way, however. And is about to be replaced with a Fox dropper in any event :) A motor for the Pivot.... tempting!
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    E Biking: the Dark Side

    XM700+ and its singletrack counterpart, a Pivot Mach 4 carbon. The only things they share are color, low standover and speed.
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    E Biking: the Dark Side

    E-bikes are indeed a great invention, and extremely efficient compared to a car. My post was written mostly tongue-in-cheek, though with my relatively short commute (about 16km for the round trip) the bike does stay in turbo most of the time! I rode my mountain bike with a group of faster...
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    Powerfly 5 FS - Any opinions

    Nice! Love mountain biking, though I have not yet done it on a ebike. 50psi, eh? I wonder if the extra weight of an ebike helps tame what might otherwise be a pretty harsh ride with that air pressure? Side note: if you ever find yourself wasting time on youtube, look up the videos by Nate...
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    E Biking: the Dark Side

    Most of the threads I read about the reasons for e biking have to do with the ease of commuting in densely populated areas and/or the environmental advantages of leaving the car at home. I get and totally support that -- my car has in fact stayed in the carport since I acquired my XM700+ 10...
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    First ebike ride - a Trek XM700+

    Hi all, Late to the party but recently purchased an XM700+. I am primarily a mountain biker, where hard technical climbs are the norm. To go from that experience to riding the XM700+ up a hill -- wow!!! This could spoil me. I am using the XM700+ for a sweat-free commute to work and for...