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    Bike tires? Puncture proof? Skid proof?

    I second that! I haven’t had anything that dramatic happen to me, but my Marathon E Plus tires have been very very good.
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    Bike tires? Puncture proof? Skid proof?

    I’ve found the Schwalbe’s Marathon E-Plus and Smart Sam tires to be quite puncture resistant. They have a variety of tires with a variety of levels of (at least claimed) puncture protection. Probably...
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    What to adjust after raising handlebar height?

    Thanks. We can close this thread; I no longer have the bike in question.
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    Question about “power meters”

    Actually, please disregard: I’ll just contact Wahoo. Looks like they may now have a way to use the Kickr Rollr w. Zwift without needing any kind of power meter at all...
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    Question about “power meters”

    I feel like I’m either miscommunciating or missing the point of what you’re saying. I don’t see how a Garmin or Apple Watch (the latter of which I have) would help transmit power data to Zwift… So, let me start over by paraphrasing my original query: What is the cheapest way to use the Kickr...
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    Question about “power meters”

    Thanks. But I don’t want to “see” the info per se; I just wanted to find a method to connect to Zwift that doesn’t require spending $500-700 on power pedals or a crank arm power meter…
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    Question about “power meters”

    Thanks. I certainly could be confused! Part of my confusion may be that this Zwift page seems to indicate that at least the Garmin speed & cadence sensors I linked to would work with Zwift: (“If you have a wheel-on trainer that...
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    Question about “power meters”

    Thanks. I thought of that too. But I’d prefer to do my indoor rides on the same bike I use outdoors if possible. What about these...
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    Question about “power meters”

    Hi all, Now that we’re getting close to winter, I’m considering getting an indoor trainer. The one I’m looking at - the Wahoo Kickr Rollr - doesn’t have a power meter built-in, so you have to use a separate power meter if you want to use it with any training apps. (Before you ask: the reason I...
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    Petite rider ISO basic, lightweight ride

    Interesting! I haven’t had any flats at all around here on any of the three e-bikes I’ve had since getting into this about a year ago. I’ve had/have the following: 1. Vintage Electric Cafe w. Marathon E-Plus tires (I’ve since returned this bike for unrelated reasons); 2. Lemond Dutch with...
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    Petite rider ISO basic, lightweight ride

    I don’t have any of the bikes you listed, so I can’t be helpful with your specific query. But I am also located in western PA, and just wanted to mention some of the local bike shops in Pittsburgh that carry e-bikes in case you’re not familiar with them all: Trek Bicycles in Shadyside Kindred...
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    Road weenie karma

    I’d like to hear more about that BCAA insurance + roadside assistance for bikes. I wasn’t aware that there were such policies. (I have Velosurance for my bike, but it doesn’t include roadside assistance as far as I’m aware; and I have Progressive for my car, but it doesn’t have roadside...
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    Do You Wear a Wristwatch When You Ride?

    I also ride with an Apple Watch. Very useful. (And it’s true that the battery needs to be recharged daily, but I’m not doing multi-day or remote rides, so battery life isn’t an issue.) I would also note that whether it’s my watch or phone (which I carry in my pocket), I try to avoid looking at...
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    Cycling Shorts?

    Out of curiosity, I decided to try a pair of these liner shorts from Amazon: I wore them for a short ride today (around 6...
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    Service needs and availability

    I’d recommend checking out Trek. When I first started considering e-bikes about a year ago, I reflexively dismissed Trek as too “generic”/boring; because they’ve been such a household name for so long, I just assumed their e-bikes would “decent at most things but not excellent at anything.” I...
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    Chicago Lakefront Trail?

    Very helpful, thanks! One follow-up question: From your description, it sounds more like a “cruising” situation at moderate speeds with occasional/frequent slowdowns, depending on what portion of the trail you’re on. Does that sound accurate? Asking because it influences which bike I bring...
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    Chicago Lakefront Trail?

    Hi all, In planning for an upcoming trip to Chicago, I came across info about the Lakefront Trail: Although I’ve been to Chicago many (many) times and am quite familiar with the city in general, I’ve never...
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    New Trek owner: range extender, second battery, or extra powertube?

    Hi all, New owner of a Trek+ 4s low step here! If I understand things correctly, I have three official options if I want to increase the range for long rides: 1. The Range Boost battery; 2. The TQ HOR Range Extender; 3. A spare Powertube 500. Is that correct? If so, then I’d love to hear...
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    E-bike Insurance

    You may find these recent threads to be helpful: (You may find more using the Search function; those just happen to be...
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    Having trouble deciding between the Trek Verve+ 3, Allant+ 7, and Allant +7S

    I just bought a Verve+ 4S. I wasn’t really planning to invest in another bike right now, just to test ride; but I lucked into a very steep discount and the 4S ticked a lot of boxes for me, especially after a test ride today (I was looking for many of the same factors as the OP). Will report back...