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    Greetings from the Beach Cruiser capital of the World.

    Ann, thanks for the great suggestion! Will definitely ask my shop about installing these. If you don't mind another question, about how often do folks typically replace their tires? 500 miles? 1000 miles? Does it depend on the terrain? Thanks again!
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    Greetings from the Beach Cruiser capital of the World.

    Hi Casey, Very cool looking Elux bikes! I'm really loving mine as well. Haven't run into the issues you found with the tires yet, but I'm only about 400 miles deep on mine. If the need arises, what should I tell my bike shop I'm looking to replace them with? 95% of my rides are on the 20...
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    What model and color is your E-Lux?

    Newport in Seafoam Green. Very happy with it.
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    Newport Review: My First Two Months

    The Scoop I’ve benefitted tremendously from the insights and tips from everyone on this board, so I wanted to add my experience to the mix. Since I’m a complete noob to the electric bike universe, I suspect my observations will only be helpful to those who are coming from a similarly...
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    Greetings from SOCAL

    Hello all, Been lurking on the forum for a while now, and finally ready to jump in. Purchased my first ebike about 6 weeks ago, and will post a full review soon on the Discussion by Brand Board (Elux). Also, happy to connect with other riders in the Los Angeles area!