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  1. Cameron Newland

    Who is , or will be , the Dell of ebikes ?

    I think it's down to either Juiced Riders or Rad Power. Both are relatively small, but I imagine their growth rates are much higher than existing stalwarts like Haibike and Stromer, and considering that Juiced and Rad Power have adopted direct sales as their primary model (although Juiced also...
  2. Cameron Newland

    Known Issues & Problems with IZIP Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    Battery degradation is a problem that affects IZIP S-pedelecs far more than bikes from other brands. My 2015 IZIP E3 Dash has seen its range cut in half, from ~40 miles to ~20 miles, after ~3,000 miles. The display indicates a range at full charge of 31 miles, but that's unrealistically...
  3. Cameron Newland

    How to properly break in a new electric bike battery and extend its life

    Optimum charge current for longevity is 1A. Most ebike chargers are 2A, which is nearly as good. For fast charging, I wouldn't personally go over 4A, however, there are some bikes with huge batteries that need a ton of current in order to make the charging time reasonable (i.e. <4 hours), so I...
  4. Cameron Newland

    160mm -> 180mm brake rotor upgrade, heat issues

    So I recently upgraded my front disc brake rotor from 160mm to 180mm, and I felt a difference in braking immediately. Braking force was smoother and more powerful, and running 160mm rotors front and rear definitely isn't confidence-inspiring as I weigh about 190 lbs (not to mention the extra...
  5. Cameron Newland

    Let's see your best pic of your electric bicycle

    Riding through the Marina tonight with Alcatraz in the distance
  6. Cameron Newland

    Volta e-bike does look like an e-bike

    I assume you'd have to remove a cover on the seat tube to get access to the top tube battery, which would be disconnected and would slide out. That's how it works on the Faradays, I believe. Another good question about this bike: how does it have a range of 40 miles with such a small battery? I...
  7. Cameron Newland

    Joining the iZip Dash Party

    Yes, that's normal behavior from an electric bike. As the battery voltage drops, so does the power.
  8. Cameron Newland

    New Battery choice, 48v or 52v

    I used to wonder about that myself, however, I learned recently that with the 18650 battery cells glued together, they actually function as a sort of heatsink in that they radiate heat outward as a single unit, whereas using pack stencils, there is a ~1mm air gap between each cell that actually...
  9. Cameron Newland

    New Battery choice, 48v or 52v

    I always recommend 48V batteries for two reasons: 1) Both the display's battery charge state indicator and the battery pack's battery charge state indicator LEDs (if it has them) will work properly 2) The pack likely includes the standard pack stencils/cell dividers, which help to ensure that...
  10. Cameron Newland

    Haibike recalls XDURO Race/Superrace/Urban for front fork cracks
  11. Cameron Newland

    Joining the iZip Dash Party

    Very nice! How's the commute on one full battery charge? I used to do a 10 mile commute one-way on my Dash and never ran out of juice on the highest pedal-assist mode, however, my battery has degraded a lot after 2,600 miles of riding and I think it might have trouble going 10 miles at 28MPH...
  12. Cameron Newland

    Schwalbe tires off to terrible start

    I've had great luck with Mr. Tuffy tire liners. I went from getting a flat every 250 miles to none in over 1,500 miles.
  13. Cameron Newland

    Please help with my frustration. Looking for ebike, but.....

    Bikes with the Bosch mid-drive motor tend to be quite reliable, as are most direct drive hub motor ebikes. The bikes that people tend to avoid due to reliability concerns are the Specialized Turbo and the Stromer ST2. The Turbo has issues with its charger (among other things) and the Stromer ST2...
  14. Cameron Newland

    Luna Smoothie cruiser... almost like Biktrix Stunner

    With all due respect to the fine folks at Luna, that Smoothie is absoultely hideous. Specifically, the battery placement is atrocious and is much too high. On the Stunner, the battery was placed within the frame trapezoid and it looks like it belongs there. The Smoothie's battery just does not...
  15. Cameron Newland

    USA ebike business up 50% and growing

    This article's numbers are complete B.S. Yes, the ebike market grew in 2016, but selling 250,000 ebikes does not represent a 70% increase over the prior year. If you use the same methods to calculate US ebike sales year-to-year, you won't come up with anything near a 70% increase...
  16. Cameron Newland

    These brake are seriously the worst!

    That's really impressive. My pads last me 650 miles if I'm lucky!
  17. Cameron Newland

    SF Bay Area Maintenance

    Take your bike in to Sports Basement. They have one location in the Mission and one in the Presidio. You might consider calling them first just to make sure they'll work on your bike. I'm sure they will, as they sell ebikes, and your issue is something that's not ebike-specific. Alternatively, I...
  18. Cameron Newland

    Secret Shopper @ Motostrano in Redwood City

    Joe is great. He really knows his stuff and is able to help all kinds of customers find the right bike. The most impressive thing, however, is that he rides electric mountain bikes often, and is probably the most knowledgeable person in America when it comes to eMTBs. Not every ebike shop has...
  19. Cameron Newland

    Derailleur Hanger Type for 2015 IZIP E3 Dash

    Yes, I was able to get two derailleur hangers from The IZIP Store (which is now rebranded as a Raleigh store) in Santa Monica, CA.
  20. Cameron Newland

    Monkeying around at the local KTM dealer in Singapore

    A long-tailed macaque surprised us outside the bike shop today. Perhaps he wanted to take a ride on a KTM on the MTB trails through the jungle? On another note, there are a ton of electric scooters here in Singapore, both of the sit-down and the folding/stand-up variety, but I haven't seen...