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  1. Chris Nolte

    UBN Five

    This model has been pushed and won't be released in the US in 2023. Perhaps 2024?
  2. Chris Nolte

    End of Year Sale at Propel

    I know I haven't been as active here as I used to be, but I figured I would share with everyone that we have a bunch of bikes on sale as we work to sell down some inventory for the end of the year. Below is a link to the sale section on our site, but feel free to reach out if you are looking...
  3. Chris Nolte

    NYTimes report cargo bikes make up 30-40% of Propel's sales

    Thanks for sharing! It’s definitely nice to see cargo bikes get some more attention
  4. Chris Nolte

    [updated] Disappointed with Propel bike service quality

    Hello @ava1ar, I wish you would have reached out to us. We would never use thread locker on this and when we do we only use the blue stuff. The red substance you see on the spline is grease (see attached image), we always use grease and a torque wrench to spec which is 35Nm. I suspect based on...
  5. Chris Nolte

    House Representatives Panetta & Blumenauer introduce "e-bike Act" federal tax credit

    Hope everyone is doing well. We did a video on this topic and just published it today for those who might be interested in learning more.
  6. Chris Nolte

    Tern HSD S11

    This color has also been available on the HSD S8i and it’s been very popular compared to the black. We should start seeing these over the next month and it is possible to upgrade the display but you will need to run new wires and find an alternative mounting solution due to the proprietary...
  7. Chris Nolte

    Tern HSD S11

    I was waiting for them to publish this. I just posted a video going through this bike. I think it fills a nice place in the market. I hope you all enjoy the video.
  8. Chris Nolte

    bosch nyon 2021 release date

    I’m not sure but it’s likely. The trouble is that Bosch USA might not offer a warranty for a product from Europe as it is slightly different. The US product is UL listed where the EU product isn’t. The Smartphone Hub has been available. I know it was slightly delayed, but it is available now...
  9. Chris Nolte

    bosch nyon 2021 release date

    The wiring is the same, but you do need to swap the mount. It’s not a big job though. just to be clear. For those of you in North America the Nyon won’t be available as a retrofit until early next year. I know many have been confused by this thread.
  10. Chris Nolte

    Belt verses chain

    I hope you guys don’t mind, but I actually just posted a video diving deeper into belts and I figured it might be better to post here rather than creating a new thread. Belt vs Chain - Will the Belt Win the Ebike Race?
  11. Chris Nolte

    Gen 1 motors support?

    If I was said customer I would probably put some pressure on the brand that offered the bike in the US. Really Urban Arrow was one of the only ones here before Gen 2, but I think the quantities were limited.
  12. Chris Nolte

    Gen 1 motors support?

    The trouble is we never got the diagnostic service tool or parts here
  13. Chris Nolte

    Gen 1 motors support?

    Thanks for the context. Unfortunately I don’t know too much about the Gen 1 systems.
  14. Chris Nolte

    Gen 1 motors support?

    The Gen 1 system was never actually available by Bosch in the US. We started with Gen 2. Was this in the US or somewhere else?
  15. Chris Nolte

    Deep Dive on the New Bosch Nyon Display

    It seems to be the same base maps but I found the content to be richer than what I had experienced on the smart phone hub. You also have the ability to import routes which I don’t believe it’s a function available on the smart phone hub.
  16. Chris Nolte

    Deep Dive on the New Bosch Nyon Display

    We just got a Bosch Nyon display and we did a deep dive on it. I hope you all enjoy it!
  17. Chris Nolte

    Low Battery Cutout for Bosch Gen4?

    I’ll bring it up when I get a chance. I certainly give them a lot of suggestions. Welcomed or otherwise
  18. Chris Nolte

    Best Electric Cargo Bikes for 2020

    I also listed links to the video reviews of the individual bikes in the description
  19. Chris Nolte

    Low Battery Cutout for Bosch Gen4?

    The bike will keep power for lights and E-14 but not to give limp mode. You’ll be on your own there
  20. Chris Nolte

    Where to Buy Kiox retrofit kit?

    They aren’t available now, but they should be soon.