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  1. christob

    Vintage Electric unveils a new 28 MPH Cafe electric cruiser bike

    I got my V.E.B. Cafe in March, 2018, before the wood panel insert was incorporated (OP's image). My ABUS folding bike lock fits perfectly in that triangular empty space. Fortunately, I was able to pick up a floor model at a nice discount. While I had some issues over the first year or two, the...
  2. christob

    What mode do you ride in and why?

    Re: the OP question - my bike's got 5 settings (plus No Assist). When I commute (5.5 miles one way) I will take some of that commute (the inclines!) in Level 2 (of 5) on the morning ride, like OP, to avoid arriving at work drenched in sweat. (I could take a shower at the office, but don't want...
  3. christob

    Electric Car thread

    Still in a 2007 Prius hybrid (non-plug-in) here... But my sister just got the Kia EV6. I had a chance to drive it and it was just fantastic. Of course she got it loaded out with everything, so who knows how many bells and whistles I didn't discover. Loved the front-view parking camera (to see...
  4. christob

    Pace Trip Odometer, how to reset

    One of the old Pace manuals (350?) has Trip Odo reset as press & hold up arrow button for 5 seconds. Don't know if that is still applicable. Several other ebikes I've seen (mine included) handle Trip Odo reset by a simultaneous push-and-hold of 2 different buttons.
  5. christob

    Longest Distance You Had to Walk Your Ebike to Civilization?

    I live and bike in a densely populated area (Northern Virginia). So I'm never out of civilization on my rides. (I have yet to haul the bike anywhere distant, to start an "isolated" ride...) That said, in the very first week of ebiking 3 years ago, when I was woefully out of shape, quite...
  6. christob

    Anybody else a bit reluctant to ride their eBike in the rain?

    I've biked to work many a sunny morning that give rainy afternoons for the ride home. If it is torrential, and I'm en-route home, I'll usually find the nearest underpass to wait for a break -- more for visibility/safety than concern for the bike. I keep a sandwich baggie and rubber bands in my...
  7. christob

    Shoes and pedals, I'm confused

    I ride almost exclusively on pavement, suburban multi-use trails and residential roads. I started out on the flat pedals that came with my bike, and riding in my sneakers/tennis shoes. Eventually I decided to try clips -- I put on pedals that had traditional flat on one side, but clip on the...
  8. christob

    Charging. Do you charge on the bike or take the battery off to charge it?

    Charging off-bike. Bike comes into my condo unit after every ride (breakfast nook area of the kitchen.)
  9. christob

    Be careful selling your ebike!

    Aw, that does suck for the seller -- but I'd imagine selling a pedal bike probably presents the same level of risk -- that a moderately-motivated thief could take off with it and most sellers simply couldn't catch up by chasing after on foot. (Imagine a thief doing modest laps within close...
  10. christob

    How do I reset the trip odometer?

    From the Flow manual (a 2019) at their website: Press and hold [+/-] buttons together for one second or longer to reset several temporary data points including; AVG Speed/MAX speed/Trip mode/Time mode.
  11. christob

    Hub drive or mid drive.

    😀 I stopped counting the list of "negatives" he gave, that I have personally not experienced with my hub drive. With different riders, different needs, different terrains, different riding styles, different riding objectives... as EGMX says, it simply is never going to be "one size fits all and...
  12. christob

    What happens when your Ebike you ordered on the Internet breaks?

    I'm feeling remarkably fortunate after this thread, and happy to have an exception to the trend... Bought my Vintage Electric Bikes Cafe online, sight-unseen 3 years ago (VEB is out in California, I'm in Virginia) and my LBS (a 6-store local chain) has performed every...
  13. christob

    eBike side cars?

    Very cool seeing these 2 Vintage Electric Bikes' Trackers kitted out with beautiful sidecars... Wonder if this is a family affair, 2 adults, 2 kids. Not sure my smaller-battery capacity V.E.B. Cafe would be as ideal for a sidecar expansion (the Tracker's front suspension would be a nice-have...
  14. christob

    I have to admit - I almost backed out of buying an ebike after joining EBR - glad I didn't

    Don't forget, it isn't an "either / or" condition... I spent two blissful years on my then-new ebike... then accidentally "rediscovered" my 90's era Bianchi 21-speed was still sitting, utterly forgotten for at least 15 years, in a storage locker I had. Got it all fixed up/road-ready, and now...
  15. christob

    My VEB Cafe thread. (1st Year Recap: post #83)

    Two days ago marked the 3rd anniversary of receiving my ebike... My last post on this thread was 11 months back, and I realized I should recap 2020 here in my "diary" of life with my VEB Cafe. What a difference a year makes - when it is 2020... Yikes! I only managed 877 miles on the Cafe in...
  16. christob

    anyone wondered how to convert hill steepness between degrees and %?

    Ah, google! Found this: It's actually not too complicated. Road incline grades are given in percentage, which is the rise over run percentage. This is the same thing as the tangent, expressed as a percentage. So 100% grade means tan x = 1, where x is the angle in degrees. Thus, convert from...
  17. christob


    On a few trips to Europe over the years there have frequently been bidets at some point in the trip lodgings I had. Versus TP, I've always found the difference in end results ;) -- particularly as it relates to feeling/staying clean over the subsequent hours -- very remarkable. And for me...
  18. christob

    Kroops OTG (over the glasses) cycling goggles

    Last winter I biked with some Head-brand ski goggles over my prescription glasses. I'd start wearing them when the riding temperature hit about 44f, in order to stop my eyes watering in the colder wind. These worked fine, but they are quite bulky, and use a 1" wide elastic strap to go around...
  19. christob

    Do you wear a mask when you ride?

    My mask starts out over my chin, ready to pull up and over mouth & nose as conditions warrant. In earlier warm weather, the paved/shared trails were mobbed with walkers, so I switched to riding in the then blissfully emptier streets. Our mild winter has reduced foot traffic on trails a little...
  20. christob

    We pedal our bikes. Dealers peddle (sell) bikes.

    When a bike manufacture decides to meddle with designs it can really test our mettle. But when they swap out cheap plastic parts for durable metal ones? Give them a medal!