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  1. mjeds

    A way to have a rear rack that can quickly remove

    no issues with over 2,000 miles on it. I use the Topeak MTX Trunkbag DXP and maybe 25lbs or so, and it is stable, but I am on pretty smooth surfaces, well as smooth as the crappy L.A. roads allow for.
  2. mjeds

    A way to have a rear rack that can quickly remove

    The rack is quick release, they have bags that are as well, but my link is to the rack as that is what you where asking about I believe the M2 or M2L both work for fat tires: the "L" is longer, both work with the MTX QUICKTRACK® 2.0 SYSTEM I have the M2L on my 4" fat tire and the R1 on my...
  3. mjeds

    A way to have a rear rack that can quickly remove

    topeak makes a few that are "quick release" I use the M2L works well enough for a 15.6" Lenovo and some food on my 25 mile commute.
  4. mjeds

    Class 3 Road or Gravel Bike?

    check out the diamondback current, $4,000 gravel/road bike. 350watt bosche mid drive love mine. commute on it 40 miles a day. have 2,000 miles on it in 2 months with zero issues and diamondback support has been great for a few little self inflicted issues. 40lbs so it isn't light but in eco...
  5. mjeds

    very impressed with the Diamondback Current.

    the diamondback has the performance line speed unit claiming 350 watts (i'm in USA), can't speak for Euro, top speed of 28mph, actually I've hit 32mph according to the kiox and gps. I have played with all the modes, with the Kiox off I can maintain 15mph no problem, in eco i bounce around...
  6. mjeds

    LCD Display Question

    Typically the displays are specific to the controller Without knowing the brand and model of the controller question can’t be answered.
  7. mjeds

    Compare insurance rate...real numbers here

    I'm in CA, mine are covered as mopeds by State Farm. CA requires anything over 750watts or with a speed over 20mph assisted or unassisted be registered with the DMV. onetime $28 charge, not annually recurring. since all my bikes meet one or both criteria I registered them, I have a "pink"...
  8. mjeds

    Compare insurance rate...real numbers here

    Mine is covered by state farm, $168/year for 500k/1Million/100K with $250 deductible liability, comp, collision, theft, (up to the replacement value of the bike and accessories). I have it more to cover me in the event of an uninsured motorist, highly unlikely I (or any cyclist) would be at fault.
  9. mjeds

    hey Kelly, I will get at you later today, ,I have meetings from 3-6..

    hey Kelly, I will get at you later today, ,I have meetings from 3-6..
  10. mjeds

    2 New Yamaha Models Coming ...

    they look better than the previous version that had the top mounted al-la-chinese look battery. but not seeing anything in the specs that is different or better than any one of a dozen offerings from other companies. in some of the specs seem to be a little "lower" over all in quality/name...
  11. mjeds

    Terrible IZIP Customer Support

    I'm sure we can facetime or some such,, send me a PM and I will send my contact info to you.
  12. mjeds

    Top Chinese Ebike moped-style manufacturers?

    pretty sure he means this style:
  13. mjeds

    Terrible IZIP Customer Support

    where are you located KAMS? if you are Socal local I can look at the charger and figure out why it isn't working. I can even assist in rewiring it if need, so that a regular XLR charger works on it. I have some experience with this (30 years in the automotive industry and the past 15 in...
  14. mjeds

    Smartphone mount: A bad experience

    100% agreed. heating the surface is key, 3M states that on their site, 120° activates the adhesion for 100% bonding strength. I think it was even noted that at 90° only 50% bonding strength is achieved, so one can imagine below 90° that 3m tape won't adhere very well.
  15. mjeds

    Smartphone mount: A bad experience

    not sure how you applied the 3m tape. but that stuff is used for automotive parts and is very strong if applied correctly. in my experience installing spoilers and emblems on cars for 20 years. clean the surface with 70%-90% Isopropyl Alcohol heat the surface of the phone case with a hair...
  16. mjeds

    Smartphone mount: A bad experience

    I too have had several mounts fail. and I finally found "THE MOUNT" I bought this one for my motorcycle. and when I had my motorcycle accident in 10-2020 (got clipped by a squid on the highway) I dropped my cruiser at 50+mph, handlebars got mangled, but my phone remained in the mount and...
  17. mjeds

    Levo SL Handlebar change?

    get an adjustable stem: (example, there are various sizes and lengths)
  18. mjeds

    Bafang BBSxx series, Apple Mac access to programming!!

    for us noobs, with this work on the Bosch Performance Line Speed, Gen4 with the Kiox Display, or is that canbus?
  19. mjeds

    Cyrusher XF590

    the key is to lock the battery only, has nothing to do with the power. I own 2 Cyrushers and as far as I know it is the same with all their models.
  20. mjeds

    very impressed with the Diamondback Current.

    depends on the mode used. straight eco - I maxed at 67 miles straight touring - I maxed at 41 miles straight sport - I maxed at 27 miles straight Turbo - I maxed at 15 miles. I've tested each mode from 100% to 10% (never let it completely go flat). the range indicator is pretty precise...