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  1. Cyklefanatic

    Canadian Bike = Seeking American Firmware Update

    Have a look at the the Planet3 derestrictor. I have it on my Vado 4 and it works perfectly. No issues with the dealer.
  2. Cyklefanatic

    An E-bike With A Quiet Motor

    My Vado with Brose motor has done almost 15,000 km with zero problems. In fact the whole bike has been extremely reliable with one flat tire being the only repair I have ever done after warranty. It is the quietest motor I have come across because of the belt instead of the gear reduction.
  3. Cyklefanatic

    Reason(s) for the harsh Vado ride

    Yes you can replace the front fork with an aluminum one from specialized. I did this on my Vado 4.0 and it transformed the bike. You can see a picture in this thread dated February 4 2021. Less weight and lighter steering feel. The Vado in Europe does not have a suspension fork so it is not an...
  4. Cyklefanatic

    Repairs after 10,000kms

    If having the chain come off the front chain ring is a sign of a worn chain then my chain must be in very good condition because in 10,000km it has never come off for any reason. What I take from this is that the way I ride doesn’t stress the components too much and that can greatly extend their...
  5. Cyklefanatic

    Repairs after 10,000kms

    I just passed 10,000km on my 2020 Vado 4.0 and thought it would be good to report my cost of ownership so far. I am a commuter and recreational rider that rides on asphalt or concrete. I never ride dirt or gravel. I ride mostly in eco mode but on hills I increase assist just for the hill. I try...
  6. Cyklefanatic

    PLANET3 - mechanical e-bike derestriction device.

    I have been running the Planet3 on my Vado 4 for about 2,000km. I modified mine by sanding all of the artifacts from the 3D print off of the moving parts and then used silicone lubricant. Works perfectly and smoothly. I had to remove it to replace a cracked rim and there was no visible wear...
  7. Cyklefanatic

    Looking for a solution for lost key

    Cant speak about an Electric step thru brand but I own twoPedago and one specialized Vado and I can open all three without the key. I just put in any key in and jiggle it a bit until the key turns. Pedago only uses one key for all ebikes not sure about specialized.
  8. Cyklefanatic

    Chain and cassette life?

    Just ordered one but because the shifting is so good I suspect the chain has plenty of life in it. I’ll let you know once it arrives.
  9. Cyklefanatic

    Chain and cassette life?

    I am wondering how long chains and cassettes are lasting for ebike riders. I would guess the type of riding, dirt vs road and hills vs flats plays into the equation significantly. I have 5,500 km on my Vado 4.0 with the original chain and cassette. Shifting is still spot on so I expect to go...
  10. Cyklefanatic

    Serial 1 Announcement Discussion

    I have to agree. Although my bike can go almost 30 mph my average speed always ends up around 15. The speed is handy to have for the odd time you really need to move.
  11. Cyklefanatic

    Using A Power Tool Battery As A Range Extender

    How do you connect them to the bike?
  12. Cyklefanatic

    Loose Motor on Como 2.0 UPDATE: Cracked Frame (Vados too)

    I have a post on fixing the Vado battery insertion problems. There are different sized shims that control how easy/difficult it is to insert the battery. Each bike is different because of manufacturing tolerances. Problem is there are not enough sizes of the shims to suit every bike. I ended up...
  13. Cyklefanatic

    I Am Seeing A Lot Of New Ebikes With No Front Suspension

    I did the same. My Vado fork was heavy and I did not weigh enough to make it work. I am much happier with a rigid fork for my type of riding. Road and bike path only. A fully adjustable air fork would probably be better but most ebikes don’t come with them.
  14. Cyklefanatic

    I think I ride too much too many warn out parts.

    Specialized make riding gloves with extra thick palm pads. They do a lot to reduce the vibration going into your hands. The pads are about 1/8” thick. I wiped out and the gloves totally absorbed the impact and not a scratch to my hands. Great product.
  15. Cyklefanatic

    Chamois Necessary For Long Tours: A Myth

    No padded shorts for me but in the winter I wear a bathing suit over underwear to keep the boys warm. The two extra layers provide good warmth. I find my legs stay warm without any extra insulation because they are working.
  16. Cyklefanatic

    Best Wireless Earbuds for Ebikes

    These look like a great idea for getting rid of wind noise. I am waiting for the Sena pi to be available. I think the two products will make a great combination and avoid putting anything in your ears so you can still hear traffic. As others have said no earbuds for group rides only for solo. I...
  17. Cyklefanatic

    Serial 1 Announcement Discussion

    Has anybody actually received a bike? I have not seen any reviews.
  18. Cyklefanatic

    Is this a good lock?

    But even if you steal a bike with a steering lock you will need to drill out the lock or grind off the lock pin. In either case you make the bike less valuable for resale.
  19. Cyklefanatic

    Is this a good lock?

    Really good locks can add a lot of weight to a bike so I avoid them. In reality all locks are deterrents good for 10 minutes to a determined thief. If you leave your bike for hours unattended in the same place every day then there is no lock that can save you. Removing the battery may make your...