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    Hydrogen bikes?

    You just pull into your local bike shop, and ask them to fix your hydrogen-powered bike!
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    Hydrogen bikes?
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    Careful of Dost Bike Co.

    You're the customer from hell.
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    Is there a single gear, rear wheel, no hand brake, 500 w 48 V ebike conversion kit?

    People who have never owned a bike with a front-hub motor, automatically reject front-hub motors. STOP DOING THAT!
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    P setting help, please!

    Thanks! I'm going there to look around now.
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    P setting help, please!

    P setting help, please! I have KT-lcd1 and a MXUS XF15R 36V 350watt. Is there anyone here who can give me the correct P settings to enter into the KT-LCD1? I would really appreciate some help.