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  1. pmcdonald

    Music Junkies?

    Given their earlier posts were met with insult for deigning to offer a difference of opinion, I don't think anyone would begrudge them taking a pass on that backhanded question. Personally, I think it's a matter for the individual what they stick in their ears on a bike, in a car, in the...
  2. pmcdonald

    Cycling Shorts?

    Love my Unit padded undies for 2 - 3 hours of trail riding. The fit is nice and loose and they do make a noticeable difference to bottom comfort on a ride. I don't bother on my 30 minute commute - that's all about the convenience of riding in work clothes without costume changes. I couldn't...
  3. pmcdonald

    Easiest Maintenance Item Ever - Replacing Valve Core

    Swap mine over every year, every three to four sealant top ups. As you say, one of the simpler bits of maintenance you could do.
  4. pmcdonald

    Music Junkies?

    I love my music, podcasts and audio books but riding to and from work are my only chances in the day to cast aside the headphones, unplug (irony not lost) and sit in the moment. Riding a bike is hardly meditative, but I value the singlemindedness nevertheless.
  5. pmcdonald

    Do Bosch motors add resistance at the class 1/3 support limit?

    Yeah I agree. Air resistance is likely a lot more of a brake than modern mid drive motor drag. And the higher the motor cut off the more pronounced it'll feel. Give me a strong tailwind and I can push my 28kg bike up to 45km/h on the flats with effort. (Our cut-off is 25km/h.) With no wind I'd...
  6. pmcdonald

    Do Bosch motors add resistance at the class 1/3 support limit?

    Bosch claim the new SX has 50% less resistance than the CX, so these motors are clearly adding some drag to the equation. Shimano made a similar claim with the EP8 vs the E8000. I can feel more pedal resistance on my EP8 than my Yamaha, even taking into account the more aggressive tyre setup...
  7. pmcdonald

    10 miles with a 36 volt 10 AH battery.

    Okay, so the bike is a Neo Jumper and the battery is third party from Aliexpress. I have the feeling you've self-diagnosed the issue. I'm not familiar with that battery supplier but their prices are worryingly low for an item with the potential to burn your dwelling down. Branded batteries for...
  8. pmcdonald

    10 miles with a 36 volt 10 AH battery.

    My first ebike - BH Evo Cross - matched those initial specs: 10Ah 36V battery, 350W torque sensing hub motor. The battery was a bit degraded at the time of my ownership but it gave me about 50km of range from a full charge at 25 - 30ish km/h (it had a generous cut off, a bit above our legal 25)...
  9. pmcdonald

    Marin eStinson 2

    Gentlemen, you're two sides of the same coin, pursuing different paths but sharing a profound advocacy for cycling. You both contribute an extraordinary amount to the community here, and many of us are very grateful for these contributions. Don't let the 1% of difference wash away the 99% of...
  10. pmcdonald

    Battery Charging and Storage Options in the Heat!

    These random thoughts are going to come across elitist, so you've been forewarned. I think where and how you charge is going to come down to the quality (very often but not always correlated with cost) of a battery pack and its integrity. I'd have no issue charging a brand name pack inside, and...
  11. pmcdonald

    2023 - Our Rides in Words, Photos, Maps and Videos

    My grandfather, may he rest in peace, was from Liverpool. He was very proud of the Beatles, but didn't care much for their music. He lived his life on the seas and settled in Australia, only returning to Liverpool very intermittently to stock up on essential FC merch. This was obviously in the...
  12. pmcdonald

    How long do Giant batteries live?

    That's good news. It'll probably yo-yo around a bit based on your charge regime. Even the earlier 84% seems pretty healthy from over 200 cycles. Giant make the claim that "once it's reached a 1000 charges, it will go to 80% of full capacity for a further 800 charges, then up to 60% of full...
  13. pmcdonald

    Specialized Como Motor and Battery Failures

    Sorry to hear about your tale, not good and not a great way to build brand loyalty 😕 Unsurprisingly manufacturers don't release failure data and broad studies are non existent from what I can see, so we only have little breadcrumbs to follow as consumers. There was a biggish survey here a few...
  14. pmcdonald

    First e-Bike for me..

    I got caught in a surprise storm yesterday on the commute home. Quickly pulled over and threw some little bags over my screen and remote. It may be paranoid but Giants are known to be vulnerable to water ingress so I play it safe. Doesn't have to look good, just has to keep water away from the...
  15. pmcdonald

    Riding an electric bike drops heart and cancer risks, finds German study

    Some interesting nuggets in that study and loads of juicy demographics (num num num). The difference in % max HR between bikes and ebikes was surprisingly small. However, no great revelation in the conclusion that: "we observed that e-bike use is associated with a lower probability of reaching...
  16. pmcdonald

    First e-Bike for me..

    Welcome! I would have though the bike cover would have done a good job of protecting your bike from rain and spray but here's a few other suggestions. From this thread there's the recommendation of a pin cover, kind of like this...
  17. pmcdonald

    Bent hanger / bent derailleur / something else?

    If it's any consolation, a couple of high profile studies point to diminishing returns when it comes to wealth and happiness. Much like the benefits of high end bike components like deureiliers. Boom! Full circle.
  18. pmcdonald

    Cost to recharge an ebike battery.

    According to the table midway down this page, not much apart from an electric scooter!
  19. pmcdonald

    Hi from Seattle - first bike after 10 years

    Congrats on your ride and welcome to the forum, may you have many miles of smooth riding! 🙏🚲🌈 Punctures are part chance and luck, but there's plenty you can do to put the odds in your favour without going tubeless: Passive: * beefier tubes (ie. Tioga Thornproof) * tubes with sealant * tyre...
  20. pmcdonald

    SHOW us YOUR PIX here .... Odd, WeiRd ,UnUSuAl or EyE CaTchIng things from your rides

    Yoikes, are things as out of control as some of the reporting makes out?