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  1. ruffruff

    Shimano EP801 ands auto shift

    Has anyone had a chance to ride the Shimano EP801 with auto shifting? Just wondering if anyone has actually ridden it in the wild. I know there are several YouTube videos but would like some more thoughts. Very tempted to build my next bike with it.
  2. ruffruff

    Rotor Cleaning

    That's what I use, but I've used the Muc-Off stuff and it's solid.
  3. ruffruff

    RIP AHicks aka Alan Hicks

    Oh no! He was a solid citizen!
  4. ruffruff

    EZ Bike - ebike conversion kit, $149, 40mph, 10 min installation.

    5 mile range is referring to tire wear.
  5. ruffruff

    Tube vs. Tubeless on ebikes
  6. ruffruff

    Help with hill climbing on trails

    This is the correct attitude. When your ready to do some research, don't leave Norco off your list.
  7. ruffruff

    Help with hill climbing on trails

    I think we all agree in this thread that the OP's bike is not the ultimate single track steed.
  8. ruffruff

    Help with hill climbing on trails

    Dang, tough crowd in here!:p
  9. ruffruff

    Is Anyone Else Having Second Thoughts About CF Post Titan?

    How often do aluminum frames crack/break? I know it's not exactly the same, but I shoot carbon arrows. They can take some very abusive chit and still shoot fine. This video is cool, but it turns into an ad. Just stop watching after the shooting.
  10. ruffruff

    BH Easy Motion contact person

    BH has not been in North America for a couple of years. Your best bet would probably be to have the battery rebuilt or find a generic equivalent. Can you post a picture of the battery so we can see it?
  11. ruffruff

    Bike storage and roommate life

    1st world non-problem.
  12. ruffruff

    Minnesota cash rebate for eBike purchase.

    Not all are paved some are crushed limestone, but well maintained. Mn also passed the Idaho Stop law.
  13. ruffruff

    Show Us a Tool

    I know Leon! I have a picture of him!
  14. ruffruff

    Winter Sucks

    I actually enjoy the Mn winters, lots to do, ice fishing, spearing, fat tire trail riding. If you don't have an outdoor activity it will drive ya nuts, but I enjoy it.
  15. ruffruff

    Winter Sucks

    We've finally turned the corner here in Mn and I swapped my summer tires into my fattie! Wow what a winter!
  16. ruffruff

    Are newer hub motors as capable as mid drives?

    I HIGHLY doubt any bike, middrive or hub is hauling 400lbs up a 10% grade at 12mph throttle only.
  17. ruffruff

    Can't find what I'm looking for, Help

    I was thinking about that, but I want to keep the old wire/connector intact in case I'd every want to go back to stock for some reason?? Going to try the classic cable fishes, first....if you hear a loud scream it's me pulling my hair out!
  18. ruffruff

    Can't find what I'm looking for, Help

    It just installed an aftermarket throttle on the M600 Bafang motor. It was plug and play but you have to route one of the wires all the way back to the motor. Hard part will be internal routing of said wire!