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    Cannabis, how is it legalized?

    As long as it remains a schedule 1 drug by federal law, it will be a problem for people.
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    My life was threatened....

    At the doktor's office? Dr. Mengele will see you now.......
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    Need kit/battery advice for 48v 1000w kit

    There seems to be a supply issue with batteries currently. Probably the surge in e bike interest/sales. At some point i would like to get a good quality 48v., 30 ah triangular battery for my BBS02 build.
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    Solar Powered Homes

    Use solar energy for things it works well for. Electronics, communication, L.E.D. lighting. Forget the stove and refrigerator and air conditioner. Wear clothes that launder easily and dry quickly. Hoping to live with all the modern conveniences off grid is foolishness.
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    Six pawl free hub

    Been noting some play or increased take up on my BBS02 conversion. Would a six pawl freehub improve this situation?
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    Instead of banning certain members...

    She is no doubt flush with pFizer cash as so many others are around the globe.
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    Best trunk rack for MIK racks

    I went with the Basil trunk. Not huge capacity, but so far sufficient. Good quality too.
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    Instead of banning certain members...

    Yes, that neo lib world view is an extremely fragile falsehood. A small shard of truth has it crashing down in flames. We understand your self preservation efforts.
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    Instead of banning certain members...

    Yes, a senile gangster was installed in the White House.
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    World War III

    Oh yeah, Newsweak!!!
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    World War III

    Not to worry, the board neo libs (MIC worshipers) will figure a way to blame Putin.
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    World War III

    They took out some of those fancy howitzers a couple days back and the ammo dumps for them too. You know not of what you speak.
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    World War III

    Windy post there Cat. defending the indefensible is a full time job.
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    World War III

    Nobody is buying your patently false drivel.
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    World War III

    Could be brownshirts ready to swoop in. These socialists are a devious lot......
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    World War III

    Get your regime change right here! Step right up! (But not in Russia).
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    Wonder when these will be available?

    Yes, probably best for flat landers. If they are reliable, bafang should do well with them.
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    World War III

    Ukraine was shelling their own people for eight years in the DPR.
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    World War III

    Well we have a president who is unable to be informed about anything. That is scary.