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  1. rbeckert

    Current Battery Life... 6100 miles

    Best explanation of ebike battery life I've read.
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    New Jersey Would Be Foolish To Require E-Bike Insurance & Registration
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    How's the bike infrastructure where you ride?

    Canton, Ohio. I ride 25 miles a day for exercise. Mostly (70%) on paved, residential streets and on Stark Park shared trails (30%) consisting of a crushed limestone surface. I live on the outskirts of the city and there is a 'sharrows' path into the city but there is really no reason for me to...
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    Riding an electric bike drops heart and cancer risks, finds German study
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    US lawmakers reintroduce e-bike tax credit bill offering up to a $1,500 refund
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    Rear View Mirror for Bike

    I have an EVELO Atlas and installed a Hafny Bar End Bike Mirror. I couldn't get the Mirrycle MTB Bar End Mountain Bicycle Mirror to angle out enough.
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    I was astonished to see the ebikes and accessories available at BEST BUY!,2,21031496,iref=content-card-button-index-desktop,reqid=49db36c02906cd7cc494b3118e298426
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    Evelo, Gazelle, or Priority

    Kind of wished I would have looked closer at the DŌST Kope CVT and the ZEN Samurai.
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    Problems for ebikes looming on the horizon

    I read two things yesterday that makes owning an ebike more difficult. First is an article that appeared on by Peter Flax published Jan 31, 2023. It is an article about the horrific accident suffered by two children on a RadRunner ebike manufactured by Rad Power Bikes. The article...
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    Atlas first impressions

    As mentioned in an earlier post a few days ago, EVELO had emailed me a request to schedule a 15 minute phone call for a "30-Day Customer Follow Up". A gentleman called yesterday, on time, and I got an opportunity to discuss my concerns, questions, comments and complaints. He was very patient and...
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    Atlas first impressions

    You're right. That's the way I had it and when I looked at the printed instructions again it seemed to show knurled end inside. The assembly video shows the knurled section on the outside.
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    Atlas first impressions

    Good catch! Plus, the nut was reversed with the knurled end to the outside!
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    Atlas first impressions

    I've got a Riese & Muller Roadster that has "ECO", "TOUR", "SPORT", and "TURBO". "ECO" is 60% assist, "TOUR" is 140% assist, "SPORT" is 240%, assist and "TURBO is 340% assist. I've got my Atlas set up in the 3 level of assist. Pretty cool that this is an available feature.
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    Atlas first impressions

    I received an e-mail from Evelo yesterday wanting me to schedule a 15 minute phone conversation with one of their support team members because it's been 30 days since receiving my Atlas. (Nice gesture!) I'm scheduled to receive a call from them on Wednesday, February 1st, 3:30 ET. The question...
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    Evelo, Gazelle, or Priority

    Here's the YT link.
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    Atlas first impressions

    Thanks for the input. My solution was re-angle the arm with the attachment loop. That still didn't reach so I used a longer bolt and shimmed the attachment point to the fork with a nut and 3 flat washers that I had lying around. The design clearance between the tire and the fender is super close.
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    Atlas first impressions

    Evelo has been super getting back to me on other things. I've emailed them with questions before and after receiving the Atlas and their response time is like 3 hours and very friendly. Yes, I like the R&M. They have a dealer both in Columbus OH and Pittsburgh PA, each a 4 hour round trip so I...
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    Atlas first impressions

    I purchased the Atlas at the end of last December and overall, I'm pleased with the ebike. I currently own a 2021 Riese & Müller Roadster Vario (7,700 miles) and previously owned a 2020 Trek Allant+ 7s (1,600 Miles). The Atlas survived the UPS shipping to northeast Ohio intact except for a bent...
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    Evelo, Gazelle, or Priority

    I understand your dilemma. I was in a similar situation 2 years ago. I'm 76 years old, male, 5' 9". I decided to get an ebike and looked at GIANT, TREK, SPECIALIZED, and STROMER at 2 LBS's. I also liked the RIESE & MUELLER Roadster Vario. I opted to order the R&M (5 month delivery) and purchased...
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    Evelo Owners, what do you do when..........

    Very encouraging. It would be nice if all LBS's adopt this policy.