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  1. bobmcc81

    GPS or odometer?

    That ebiker in the light blue line is giving us ebiker's a bad reputation, plus risky in a blind corner. LOL......
  2. bobmcc81

    My First Accessory Run

    Spent a little more time turning allen wrenches today than riding. Added a few goodies: Expanded cockpit with new accessory bar Thule cell phone holder. (Mistake, thrown in by the dealer and just too bulky but works) Air Tag hide disguised as functioning water bottle cage Small trunk for the...
  3. bobmcc81

    Battery safety education - Only you can prevent battery fires!

    My battery charges in my shed detached from the house. I have a Ring camera that I check charging status. When the bike charger light turns green then I use a smart plug and turn power off to the charger from my phone. Simple alarm on my phone reminds me to check the camera every hour after I...
  4. bobmcc81

    Aventon Display won't stay on Trip A Screen

    Good idea on the USB maintainer from the bike, I was configuring a mount for a power bank in my head. Thanks Ben on the other app suggestions. I just landed on Ride with GPS because I seem to be able to use the whole app without a bunch of pay requirements.
  5. bobmcc81

    Aventon Display won't stay on Trip A Screen

    I've read posts where others mention the lack of a trip odometer that you can watch as you ride on the main screen of the Aventon bikes. I ride an Aventure2. Did anyone figure out a solution? I'm using Ride with GPS app on my phone but it sure does kill a battery Thanks
  6. bobmcc81

    I got it! and hello from Florida

    Been looking at eBikes for about 18 months and just got tired of analysis paralysis so I narrowed it down in a very non-technical way. 1) who has been in business more than two years 2) has a reasonable positive following online 3) I wanted to buy local I had already gone through most of the...
  7. bobmcc81

    First e bike Step Thru Tall person

    The local bike shop is a big bonus in my opinion. Sounds like you'll don't live close so that may rule you out for simple maintenance. I would want the local bike shop to be an authorized SERVICING dealer for the brand, that way they are compensated by the brand for warranty work.
  8. bobmcc81

    Which brake first?

    That you go off-road on a tandem impresses me :)
  9. bobmcc81

    Does anyone check all bike's bearings on initial assembly?

    I guess I was stuck in the 80's. Sealed bearing cartridges make a lot more sense. I can hope I guess
  10. bobmcc81

    Does anyone check all bike's bearings on initial assembly?

    I pulled the trigger on a new ebike to be delivered this week and I'm really excited about getting it out on the road. I have bicycle mechanic experience and when I worked at a shop we never took for granted the bearing adjustments on brand new bikes. We would always take the rear wheel off to...
  11. bobmcc81

    Is there a frame measurement distance on Aventure2 Regular vs. Large or is it just a longer seat post

    I'm struggling with deciding the frame size to get for an Aventure 2. I'm 5'10" with a short 30" inseam. I am not able to find a LBS with both sizes in stock to sit on. The difference in the specs I see: Regular is 34" Min Saddle Height 26" Standover Height Large is 37" Min Saddle Height...
  12. bobmcc81

    New Old Guy Considering an Aventon Aventure2

    I just turned 60 and in the midst of a long recovery from a motorcycle accident. I have had a life long passion for two wheels and not really ready to get back on the gas burners just yet so in my down time I've spent alot of screen time studying ebikes. I think I'm ready to pull the trigger...