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  1. Bluto

    Yamaha Cross Connect stem change?

    I’ve been riding my Yamaha Cross Connect for a couple of years now and really love it, even more so after changing the seat and getting a suspension seatpost, and am now thinking about raising the bars a bit and perhaps moving them back a little by changing the stem. Does anyone recommend a...
  2. Bluto

    Hi-Vis colors?

    I started wearing a lightweight hi-viz vest over my jacket long ago when motorcycling and then carried the practice over to bicycles before taking up ebiking.
  3. Bluto

    Do you still ride your analog bicycle?

    I still ride both. The Yamaha CrossConnect is a commuter bike and the Fisher Tassajara is a hard tail mountain bike, so basically they complement each other. The Tass has been around a while and needs new gear levers. The Deore set is not available currently so I’ll be subbing a cheaper set...
  4. Bluto

    Electra townie (8i) user/owner manual

    Maybe there’s something useful here.
  5. Bluto

    Funny - Cycling Related Commercials

    This arthritis commercial is darkly humorous. Disintegrating bike
  6. Bluto

    They both Fit Racktime Racks (Which ONE is Best)

    I ordered two from Amazon in September but it seems that they are currently unavailable now. Iirc, they were shipped from the Netherlands. Racktime’s website shows the following as US distributor: J & B Importers, INC 11925 SW 128th St. Miami, FL 33186 Tel.: (305) 238-1866
  7. Bluto

    New member from Quebec City, Canada

    I was there for a conference a few years back with my wife and we absolutely loved it; such a great place for meandering around! And by ebike, it would be a totally different experience. We are not far behind you in age and are planning cycling tours and trips that would likely be more...
  8. Bluto

    Ebike vs analog

    I love my new Cross Connect but my 2006 Gary Fisher Tassajara hardtail is still a joy to ride.
  9. Bluto

    New guy from Chicago area

    It’s been very windy the past few days but today was great for riding our new Cross Connects! We’re learning the nuances of our bikes and for my wife especially, hills are no longer the psychological barriers that they once were. Stay safe, everyone!
  10. Bluto

    E-Bikes suddenly everywhere ?

    FWIW, I am just going to say that my wife and I recently concluded the sale of 2 Ebikes from Mike’s Ebikes. Over a two month period Mike was nothing but professional, courteous, and personable in our interactions, taking much time to educate us ebike newbies and to inform our decision making in...
  11. Bluto

    My wife and I are now the owners of new Yamaha Cross Connects!

    My wife and I are now the owners of new Yamaha Cross Connects!
  12. Bluto

    New guy from Chicago area

    Hi to all! We just ordered Yamaha Cross Connects and can’t wait to get rolling. I’m looking forward to learning more about the technical aspects of Ebikes as well as the experience.