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    Forum migrated, please report issues!

    It appears that reviews can no longer sorted. Especially by date: newest to oldest
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    Mission control no longer supported?

    It would seem the Specialized folks misunderstood my emails about their e-bikes being computers on two wheels. Rather than providing an App that enabled mastery of the current and future sophisticated features provided by the bikes’ microprocessors they put together something suitable for young...
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    It’s official: E-bikes are actually bikes, not ‘motor vehicles,’ according to new EU rules

    …made me think of an old Dean Martin line; don’t drink and drive, you might hit a bump and spill it.
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    The Sound of Gravel

    The sounds of cycling do contribute to the joy. I especially appreciate what the road sounds say about the conditions of the ground. On gravel the sounds say whether the trail is firm or soft. Whether taking a turn at speed will be safe or result in a skid. Whether the straight road can be...
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    It’s official: E-bikes are actually bikes, not ‘motor vehicles,’ according to new EU rules

    Here in Northern Virginia, brewery rides to the several breweries on the Washington and Old Dominion Rail Trail are very popular. Fortunately, the trail is only bikes, pedestrians with or without dogs, horses and a few folks on scooters and such. Drunkenness still not recommended.
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    Do You Wear a Wristwatch When You Ride?

    Sounds like me. i broke watch after watch. I finally switched to Timex. Didn’t break those, and I guess taught myself to not break my watches. I got an Apple Watch when I was diagnosed with AFib as a monitor. It’s really helped there and now that the latest versions automatically sense a bike...
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    "Best advice for new ebike riders" from us

    I wear varifocal glasses and though I’ve tried several times, can’t focus on helmet mirrors. I have a Mirrycle on my handle bar end on my Vado SL. Not perfect, but it works.
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    Firmware update for charging limit

    I’m enjoying this discussion. I know the feature worked the first time I charged after the updates. I just can’t remember to check and record subsequent charges. I wait with bated breath for you all to resolve the question, though I wouldn’t be too surprised that a Specialized update fixes...
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    Friday Funnies

    Thank you for the medicine
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    Specialized Turbo Vado SL: An Incredible E-Bike (User Club)

    I chose the EQ model because I wanted the rack and the fender mounted taillights. I didn’t know about the problems with the saddle mounted taillight at the time, but it seems I may have lucked out on the annoying confusion a seatpost replacement would cause others. I mostly ride on paved rail...
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    Specialized Turbo Vado SL: An Incredible E-Bike (User Club)

    Either the SL4 or SL5 can be good flat bar gravel bikes. The 4 will be better with a ShockStop stem and perhaps seat post (brand choice open). The default Nimbus tires on the EQ models may be ok on dirt roads but you’ll need more traction elsewhere. Use lower pressures, tubeless if you can will...
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    Cycling Shorts?

    I’m 75. Incontinence was a concern a few years ago when my prostate suggested rolling into a ball and limping. Treatment worked. Now my saddle helps hold it in. The most important thing is to follow Larry David’s rule: “Go before you leave”.
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    Output Specialized e-bike power/cadence to Apple Watch via Bluetooth

    You response mirrors my thinking. You’ve also reminded me about why I ride a bicycle. Mostly exercise and recreation plus the contradictory opportunities for socializing or for being alone. I don’t have athletic aspirations other than coronary health as I’m 75, have arrhythmia and am otherwise...
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    Output Specialized e-bike power/cadence to Apple Watch via Bluetooth

    I’m curious about this Apple Watch/iPhone vs dedicated bike computer comparison. I’ve been using the TCD on my Vado SL 4 to monitor charge level, cadence, speed and distance which is all I need during the vast majority of my rides. This is because the vast majority of my rides are on a Rail...
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    Output Specialized e-bike power/cadence to Apple Watch via Bluetooth

    I hadn’t thought of that. Technically, Apple doesn’t make sports devices. They consider the watch a health device. Of course, you can’t have one without the other. FWIW, when Apple first announced the ability to sync with bicycle sensors, I didn’t expect it to work with my Vado SL. Initially...
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    Rear derailleur life expectancy

    Thanks for this link. I’ll be referring to it once the new shifter is installed and the LBS does its adjustments, a few rides go by and further adjustments are needed.
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    Output Specialized e-bike power/cadence to Apple Watch via Bluetooth

    Thanks Stefan. That’s along the lines I was thinking. Specialized is starting to realize that their e-bikes, like cars, are actually computers with wheels. Maybe they’ll update the software so we can do this someday. Somehow I doubt it. They’re as arrogant as Apple.
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    Battery Range Experience for Specialized E-Bikes

    I ride an SL4 EQ with an RE. I’ve been less energetic this year than in the past. Maybe being 75 has something to do with it? This means I use Sport and Turbo mode more often. (35/35, 45/80, 100/100) Anyhow, most of my rides are on a rail trail - long shallow hills - and less than 400 feet of...
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    Should I buy a Vado SL, or Wait for the Release of the Version with the 1.2 Motor?

    I actually appreciate the noise. It‘s how I know the motor is assisting as it’s usually too subtle otherwise.
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    Rear derailleur life expectancy

    An update. My LBS made a yeoman’s effort to fix this by adjusting the derailleur to no avail. After eliminating other variables, the diagnosis is that the derailleur spring is worn out. It seems to be a somewhat common problem with this model of Deore derailleur. There was a second issue - the...