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    Poll - Did you upgrade from Cadence Sensing to Torque Sensing?

    My wife purchased our first e-bike which was a 2017 Blix Aveny, cadence sensing hub drive. I rode it enough to know when I purchased a second e-bike exclusively for me, I wanted a torque sensing mid drive which would have a more natural feeling assist. I selected the Gazelle Arroyo with the...
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    "Best advice for new ebike riders" from us

    If you are lucky enough to live in a community that has a local biking/trails advocacy organization, do what you can to support it (contribute, join, volunteer, etc.). I am lucky enough to have such an organization (Linn County Trails Association) in Iowa. It has made tremendous progress the...
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    Rant, Complain, Just Let It Out In Here. Others May Sympathize

    Yes, this is important to know in order to advise on how to use the combination of gearing and PAS. A cadence based drive system is a totally different experience than a natural feeling torque based system.
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    Lbs refuses service due to insurance?

    I did that with my Evelo Compass trike. Evelo arranged it with the LBS to accept shipment and do the assembly and setup. I don't know how much Evelo paid the LBS for that service. I have not had to have the etrike serviced yet, so I don't know if the same LBS will be willing to service it.
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    Anyone know what the update did for the Nyon?

    I was surprised today when I booted up my Gen 1 Nyon (1 GB) it gave me notice that a software update was available. I plugged it in to USB power and it updated from version to Also updated the installed maps for my state. I figured that Bosch probably considered the original...
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    Too hot for me (and e-bikes)!

    E-bikes are staying in the Garage today, and batteries in the house A/C. (Captured on my backyard weather startion).
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    Nyon display…light icon grayed out. Button diesnt do anything?

    The lights on my Gazelle Arroyo with Gen 1 Nyon turns on automatically in a dark environment (tunnel, garage, night time, etc.), but you can also turn it on manually with the Nyon. I don't know if the light sensor that triggers the automatic on is in the Nyon or in the light itself.
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    Vote! Do you like old or new color layout for forum?

    Yellow on black ... it reminds me of the Amdek monochrome CRT monitor on my first IBM PC/XT home computer back in the early 80's!:)
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    Forum migrated, please report issues!

    As always Court, thanks for your efforts and for providing this forum. My only disappointment is that you don't personally participate in the forum like you used to. But that said, I understand priorities. Thanks again for your work in resolving the issues in the new version.
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    Thoughts on Cafe Lock removal?

    I agree and use the AXA cable on my Gazelle Arroyo. I recognize that a determined thief with the right tools can easily defeat this lock. But I think the cafe lock with the cable is about as good of a deterrent as any other unless you go to something extreme. It is easy to use and always available.
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    Bike To Bike Communication

    I suspect 6zfshdb is correct about the range difference. I selected the EVO because from the documentation, it seemed like the pairing procedure was better on the EVO. I have never used the non-mesh Sena devices though so I can't confirm whether that is in fact true. I can say that our R1-Evo...
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    2023 - Our Rides in Words, Photos, Maps and Videos

    Toyota discontinued the Avalon (in the US anyway) with the 2022 model and replaced it with the 2023 Toyota Crown sedan. The Crown is only sold with a hybrid drivetrain. I just bought one (my first Toyota) like the one in the photo below. I've only had it a couple of weeks and like it so far...
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    Current etrike offerings and buying tips

    The Evelo Compass trike uses cadence sensing for pedal assist so I suspect you would not have liked it. Since it has a mid-drive motor, it is too bad that Evelo didn't incorporate torque sensing into the controller, but it is what it is. My wife has had her Evelo Compass for over 3 years now and...
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    Hello from Everywhere! Friends and Visits?

    Hope that mount is solid ... otherwise those saw blades will make short work of the tire!
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    Trike transport and rail trails

    Welcome to the forum AmyG! My wife has been riding a Evelo Compass etrike on rail trails in Iowa for 3 years. The Compass measures about 31" at the rear axle. Actually the handle bar width is about 26", and with a mirrycle mirror that sticks out another 4 inches from the left hand grip it is...
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    Songs to re-set you

    Here is one of my favorites, sad but beautiful and something to think about and interpret:
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    Alaskan Has Died

    He will definitely be missed. I learned a lot from his posts.
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    REAL bargains

    The best ebike bargain for me has to be the first generation Bosch Nyon display/computer I bought on eBay in October of 2019 for $75 as an upgrade for the standard Intuvia display that came on my Gazelle Arroyo. Back in 2018/2019, after Bosch had replaced the original 1 GB version of the Nyon...
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    My ETrike, Heart, Dog, Me, And Community

    Years ago my wife bought a new metallic red Miami Sun trike with a 3 speed hub. It was a beautiful well-made trike, but it was kind of a beast to ride, especially on hills. I didn't know anything about electrifying bikes or trikes back then, and she couldn't keep up with those of us on 2...
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    The counter steering explains why if you ride too close to the edge of a sidewalk or paved trail and try to turn back toward the center of the path, you almost always run off the edge you are trying to turn away from.