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  1. Sparky731

    Searching for the perfect ebike

    If you buy Specialized you must live with it. Not a bad choice. Just one of many options. Personally, having been a Specialized owner, I now go all Trek. Very sweet rides — I own 7 Treks now.
  2. Sparky731

    Searching for the perfect ebike

    The perfect bike will be the one you buy. Whatever it is. The joy will come with the ride. Don’t delay! Have fun!
  3. Sparky731

    “Click” felt at the pedal when starting from zero

    Mine has just started clunking also @ ~975 miles. When I turn the motor off there is a slight noise, but minimal. No other noticeable feel or power interruptions. My guess is my dealer would be hard pressed to isolate and identify the cause. I plan to keep riding through the annoying noise for now.
  4. Sparky731

    Trek Verve+ 3 or 4s vs Cannondale Neo vs Gazelle Ultimate 380

    I agree per the Kiox. I put it on my 8s. However I am staying with the Purion on my Allant 7s and Verves as I still like its convenience.
  5. Sparky731

    Vacation planning with E-Bikes

    If you want to take advantage of additional planning services there are ebike vacation planning companies that offer packages from fully supported to self-guided. My wife and I have done both including packages where they supply the bike to ones where you bring your own bike. There are...
  6. Sparky731

    How do y'all handle flats on your rides?

    I run tubless — and all tires purchased at my LBS. Cost for one recently replaced PanaRacer GravelKing tire mounted with sealant = $175. Worth it to me. FYI, zero flats on the trail in >5K tubless miles following 4 very unfortunate flats in 3K on tube tires with Slime.
  7. Sparky731

    ChatGPT on the joys of cycling and buying another ebike

    How far back in time do you go? Do I need a dinosaur gun? Will I still be able to charge the battery on my ebike?
  8. Sparky731

    I am putting it up for the winter. Do I keep the battery (about 60% charged now) inside for the winter? Anything else?

    The general rule for a UL approved lithium ebike battery is 60%-80% charge, store at near room temperature with modest relative humidity.
  9. Sparky731

    The Sound of Gravel

    I grew up on gravel roads. What is cool is locking your rear brake and sliding. I still do it to impress my wife. She says it is not working. I ride GravelKing tires and surprisingly only get a couple of thousand miles out of the rear tire. Gotta start locking up the front tire too to wear them...
  10. Sparky731

    Alternative rack for Allant+ 8

    Ok, yes maybe redundant, but yet suitable. You must have also wished the MIK top plate would fit the 8s pannier rack without the need for the intermediary rack. But you made it work.Yet another solution. Nice one.
  11. Sparky731 many times do you get asked if the bike charges while you pedal?..

    Tell them is only regens when you are pedaling backwards going in reverse.
  12. Sparky731

    Alternative rack for Allant+ 8

    Very nicely done. I totally agree that TREK put on the wrong rack, I don’t like panniers either. I hope you achieved the necessary clearance between the fender and rack for the male protrusion of the front MIK adapter. That was a bugaboo for me. So far I have not retrofitted from the pipe...
  13. Sparky731

    Not asking, just making a point.

    My wife and I lead several bike groups. When breakdowns occur it is always with the “discount” bikes. Yes, there is a difference in what you pay for — which is often way more than 1st ebikers are expecting to invest.
  14. Sparky731

    Not asking, just making a point.

    Nah, it’s not cheatin’, I just got a problem with being passed. Goes all the way back to jr. high school track. 2nd place is first loser. Even at 60 yrs old I won our State Senior Olympics in the 50m, 100m & 200m dashes. It’s in my blood. I like speed — BUT when biking whenever I encounter other...
  15. Sparky731

    Not asking, just making a point.

    Maybe so, unless you ride in Turbo all the time with a Speed motor. If I get passed by a roadie (twice only while slowing for water) it won’t take long before I ride him down and pass him — pedaling with flip flops and a smile just to add flavor. It is an endurance thing.
  16. Sparky731

    Not asking, just making a point.

    Is this concern for disrespect from others really about what bikes we ride? Sure, there is always the one better than mine, and some writers may be short on tact, but try not to be too hasty writing off the whole forum. There are way more friendly, helpful and often humorous contributors than...
  17. Sparky731

    Good Stuff You Bought

    The temperature here in AZ is predicted at 100 degrees every day this week. Temperature sensors become moot. It is the breeze at speed that keeps us cool.
  18. Sparky731

    It’s official: E-bikes are actually bikes, not ‘motor vehicles,’ according to new EU rules

    As long as they only test for alcohol sobriety I should be OK.
  19. Sparky731

    Tubeless tire experiences

    Yes, sealant is a must and an extra squirt or two every few months provides added protection. Since going tubeless and thousands of miles, I have had zero flats compared to too many with tubes. Slime or similar can be very messy if you need to replace the tube — which I needed to do before...
  20. Sparky731

    Alternative rack for Allant+ 8

    Yes! Package and market the design. Make enough to buy a cup of coffee! Just kidding. Probably 2 cups. Share with #offthewall. His idea. 8,800+ miles on my 7s — probably 90+% in Turbo. That’s all I ride. I gave up on the lower assist levels after a couple of thousand miles on my Verve+3. Still...