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  1. JASmith

    The most dangerous electric trike, Big Cat 2021 Khansports electric trike.

    Wouldn't all bikes of this style be tipsy with so much weight up high? I would think if it doesn't lean, a recumbent style e-bike would be the way to go. Keep the rider and the battery close to the ground, and voila.
  2. JASmith

    Short E-Bike Warranties: Are They A Problem?

    One great thing that European consumer protection group has done is mandated 2-year warranties for many electronic items, and I would hope that e-bikes would be included. It protects the consumer and reduces e-waste by discouraging manufacturers from producing products that are designed with a...
  3. JASmith

    E-Bike hatred is out there!

    I only said that I understand why they are moving, not that I love it, lol! Warning heeded about the concern once they reach "critical mass", but not much I can do about it other than to talk some sense and like you say remind them not to try and replicate what they fled from. Speaking of, I...
  4. JASmith

    E-Bike hatred is out there!

    I'd argue that the attraction is that they feel like they are going from a third world country in California where they have open defecation in some areas to cleaner Texan suburbs where for the price of a run down dilapidated trailer mobile home in California they can get a larger property and...
  5. JASmith

    E-Bike hatred is out there!

    Mmhmm, backwards states where half of California refugees are fleeing to, lol! :D You're right, its for tipped jobs only. Average tip is 15%, so for a couple ordering $20 of food is about $3 a table, about 8 tables an hour, which comes out to $25 an hour or $50K a year in a half decent...
  6. JASmith

    Difficulty Selling an eBike

    Yeah, we are seeing a rapid renormalization of prices, with lumber dropping from its $1700 high to below $500. I'm in TX and even looking for that kind of bike, but I wouldn't consider a used e-bike, as there are new ones that are inexpensive with a warranty, and I'm worried that a used one...
  7. JASmith

    Griz Attacks and Kills Bicyclist in Montana

    Clearly on motorists, but again that brings back the pepper spray vs gun debate. /s
  8. JASmith


    If the search feature is to be believed, nobody posted the Aventon Aventure yet.
  9. JASmith

    Japanese government reacts to Chinese high-speed ebikes

    Speed limits are fair, but IMO the way this system should have been implemented is that in "bicycle plate" mode it abides by 250w 15mph speed/power limit or whatever they said it was and should be able to used the same as any bicycle and in any place a bicycle is allowed (after all, human riders...
  10. JASmith

    Japanese government reacts to Chinese high-speed ebikes

    That's the Verge though. You can safely dismiss that community, lol! I still die every time I think of the Verge PC Build video, taking incompetence to a whole new level. And to the point of safety regulations? The helmets and riding apparel he's referring to are not a matter of public...
  11. JASmith

    Ecotric Vortex - A Smooth Review

    LOL, they have it in white too. Oddly, they have two versions of this bike, the regular and the UL rated one, and its the non-UL rated one that is on sale. So hopefully that doesn't mean its going to burst into flames. The other concern is it has no suspension, regular instead of fatty...
  12. JASmith

    Ecotric Vortex - A Smooth Review

    Seems too low end to attract attention on this enthusiast forum, but this is going for $560 shipped right now.
  13. JASmith

    Pro's and Con's retrofitting electric existing bike?

    Ecotric Vortex is now only $570 with free shipping. Thinking of grabbing one as a starter, and then upgrading components later. Probably too small for the average man, but otherwise seems decent for short trips around the neighborhood at 20mph.
  14. JASmith

    Japanese government reacts to Chinese high-speed ebikes

    Karma! That's how Japan started too, reverse engineering and producing less expensive copies of Western goods. Back in the 60s "made in Japan" was synonymous with junk, but by my day it meant highest quality. Korea made the same transition, and give China 20 years and they may be next.
  15. JASmith

    Japanese government reacts to Chinese high-speed ebikes

    Obvious signs of a propaganda piece, as he uses a single many decades old anecdote to describe an entire system, no sources or statistics to back up any opinion he is delivering as if it were fact, casually mentions that crime in Japan is severely underreported without any evidence to back that...
  16. JASmith

    Japanese government reacts to Chinese high-speed ebikes

    Everything above makes sense to me except this part. I understood that in bicycle mode it would automatically flip to symbol of a bicycle and be restricted to 250w/15mph in the programming and be treated like any other bicycle, and then when "unlocked" would flip to a license plate and operate...
  17. JASmith

    Japanese government reacts to Chinese high-speed ebikes

    Japanese are much more law abiding and altruistic than we are familiar with in the US. For example, in Japan they have automated diners / vending machine restaurants that rely in large part on the guests obeying the honor system and being clean patrons, something that say in Detroit would be...
  18. JASmith

    I Fear We Could Be Near Prolonged Massive Disruption in Trade With Mainland China

    I would see this as an opportunity for companies in the US and Europe to start actually becoming competitive and producing goods again and reducing their massive trade deficit! 👍 If that means that products like an e-bike or iPhone are slightly more expensive than having effective slave labor...
  19. JASmith

    Alibaba Challenges Amazon With a Promise: Fast Global Shipping | WSJ

    As a patriot, I prefer to buy my Chinese products from an American business! :p
  20. JASmith

    CATL will start mass producing sodium-ion batteries

    Well the very first I think used NIMH and were likely an immature product that shouldn't have been rushed to market yet. Battery tech was going to increase with or without hybrid cars for the before mentioned reasons, so if the government didn't interfere we likely would have had a more viable...