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  1. Ebiker01

    Aventon Aventure Charger!! ---This is Madness!!

    all u need is a short piece like 8-20cm of the. CABLE THAT GOES TO THE Battery ; After that is obtained from the bad charger , the rest is easy.. source a proper cable with whatever end con. you want and connect the other part of it to the short cable(+|+, -/-). They have no smart bms this...
  2. Ebiker01

    E-Bike Battery Guide

    in detail this means high quality cells with big capacity for long distance riding or a high discharge rate for those moto ebikers out there... - and yes a hi quality BMS, a Bluetooth one that will enable the rider to note the temp. of various parameters (T sensors, Mos sensors...) It would...
  3. Ebiker01

    Why do the top manufacturers embrace 36 volt/ 250 watt power systems?

    Very Cheap to build and Super Easy to pull in lots of xcited and turn totally clueless su..ers and old coach potatos into Electric hamsters .
  4. Ebiker01

    Goodbye Stromer...for now

    they def. won't be Molicell P45B or Samsung 50S, LG M50LT, Sony Muratas or a few other too cells that fit this cat.
  5. Ebiker01

    TREK Ebike Battery Discharger

    well , i know very well what i don't know which is this mid motors in particular😉, but where do they have the TQ sensor located ? I haven't tried this other ide on my hub motor ebike , but what would happen if one removes the TQ sensor from a mid motor ebike and tries pedalling ? I'm...
  6. Ebiker01

    TREK Ebike Battery Discharger

    Once u engage the pedals and select the PAS mode , the torque translate to to the resistance felt when "rowing "the cranks. Pas 1 : light resistance, easy rowing🚣‍♀️
  7. Ebiker01

    Canada to restrict class 3 ebikes to 20mph

    once it gets the "upgrade" it can't be reverted back. I would have disc. the Sim by now or connect a Sim card with a US address ?
  8. Ebiker01

    Canada to restrict class 3 ebikes to 20mph

    Shouldn't Stromer charge a low 799$ fee for their owners to enable them to change their CA address to a temporary US address ? Seems only the ebikes connected to a canadian address will be affected. Optional : 1599$ Platinium permanent address change . ENABLE PPAC ? Press yes/yes.
  9. Ebiker01

    TREK Ebike Battery Discharger

    Try better next time and read the provided instructions !
  10. Ebiker01

    Lupine SL X for New Turbo Levo

    Lupine SL X has IP 68 . Do either M99's or the OL models have at least IP 65 or higher water protection ? If they do they def. don't show it b/c is not listed on the spec sheet. Would not want a heavy rain to short the chips on a 400$ light. Fyi- see the included IP guide for those...
  11. Ebiker01

    TREK Ebike Battery Discharger

    The ONLY OFFICIAL and NASA approved discharge method courtesy of ebiker01: - power on the Ebike then turn it upside down , engage the PAS /throttle enabled by the user hands ; continue the activity for as long as discharge parameters are met; - put the ebike back in it's normal upright...
  12. Ebiker01

    DALY BMS - Beware when buying!!! - 13S 48V 40A - See Images

    How wud u compare Ant Bms vs Dally ? there is also Chargery power a smaller company .
  13. Ebiker01

    Goodbye Stromer...for now

    why not have the CS send u a new controller ?? Congrats on the Lambo Aventador 😉
  14. Ebiker01

    Stromer ST1 charger, can it be repaired?

    If u know what a Mosfet/s is/are then you had answer your own question. If not, then u could look for a qualified engineer.
  15. Ebiker01

    Just got a Specialized Turbo Vado SL 5.0 and am quite surprised

    Collector item , actually a classic car already.
  16. Ebiker01

    1 Million mile EV battery

    4 shares @1.67$ vs 1 [email protected]$.
  17. Ebiker01

    E-bike Controllers - ASK Anything - Interview with a leading controller company

    Why are they so complex to program and can they make the programming FREE ?? Considering Asi Bac 800 x 2 for a low powered 2x5kw flying prototype Esystem.
  18. Ebiker01

    Ebikes are too heavy.

    Well done !!! battery size ?
  19. Ebiker01

    Zen Shakti - pictures

    This is a competitor , very strong offering and they have physical retail stores in the Us. Competition helps everyone involved get better. Very easy...