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  1. ebikemom

    Keeping feet dry in the rain

    Hi all! Long time no "see!" I'm back to ebike commuting this Fall and rainy days are coming. I've never really found a good solution to keep my feet dry. My commute is 45 minutes long, so some raingear failure is inevitable, and I keep a change of clothes in my office for this reason. For...
  2. ebikemom

    I hate to say it, but almost everyone may be a "cheater" these days...

    Such a good point! Hey, when 5-function calculators came out in the 1970's they were cheating, too, and kids weren't allowed to use calculators at school, even at high school!
  3. ebikemom

    Looking to buy first ebike for wife and I. <$4000, mid-drive

    Is mid-drive plus throttle a thing?
  4. ebikemom

    possible to tell bicycle year from serial number??

    Pedego customer support is very helpful on the phone. Why not call them and ask, and report back what you learned? :)
  5. ebikemom

    Going in Circles My E-bike Experience So Far

    I’ve met several folks who enjoy both. :) Awesome!!😃
  6. ebikemom

    Seat / Saddle advice or opinions.... ?

    my husband and I both love the Hobson. My son was having numbness and didn’t like the noseless seats. So I got him a seat from ISM: here’s a link. No more numbness. By the way, he rides a Pedego interceptor which is an upright cruiser...
  7. ebikemom

    Online rider training courses?

    That’s too bad, because some people with bad knees need a throttle takeoff. I certainly use them on when I’m faced uphill. It kind of seems that maybe they think starting with the throttle is some kind of zooming thing that lays rubber down on the road… Sounds like they don’t understand the...
  8. ebikemom

    Pedal assist bikes for children (too small for adult-sized bikes) with disabilities

    OP’s concern was for his child who has a muscle weakness disability... not sure of the laws in their state. I bet, as you suggest, a doctor’s letter would do the trick. :)
  9. ebikemom

    Pedal assist bikes for children (too small for adult-sized bikes) with disabilities

    Pedego has a new bike called the Element, and it is pretty small. If the seatpost is cut off, it can become small enough for an elementary schooler, I think. I heard of someone cutting off the seat-post for their 10 year old, but not sure of the kid's height... Court also has reviewed the bike...
  10. ebikemom

    Reducing Weight on Arthritic Hands

    Wow--I also wonder about quads instead of trikes--what would the advantages of this design be--is it more stable than a trike?
  11. ebikemom

    Battery charging routine?

    I use a stupid plug timer... basically a dial timer, just to save me the trouble of unplugging when it's done charging.
  12. ebikemom

    Battery charging routine?

    Goody, goody!!!! That would be awesome!!
  13. ebikemom

    Battery charging routine?

    Pedego says to charge after every ride. The "cycle" number per battery is full charges, and a partial charge doesn't count as a full charge. I don't charge after every ride, though, except before the pandemic when I commuted on my ebike and wanted to have a full charge so I'd always be ready for...
  14. ebikemom

    Why do the big bike brands (almost) never use hub motors?

    We love our Pedego hub drive bikes. Our bikes are almost 3 years old with nice quiet motors, and lots of miles (4,000 on mine and 6,000 on my husband's)! Maintenance has been tires and break pads and break pads and break pads (I'd love to see some great e-bike specific braking system!!), and...
  15. ebikemom

    Seeking Battery Life Info From Dedicated Commuters And Mileage Mavens

    We have 3 year old ebikes, two which have a lot of commuting, and 4,000 and 6,000 miles on them. The batteries are all doing great! The commute is about 23.5 miles RT. I keep a charging cable in my office in case I forgot to charge fully when I got home. No problems, and lots of fun. The bikes...
  16. ebikemom

    Online rider training courses?

    I took an online bike safety course, after I'd been ebiking a bit. It was interesting that some of the problems I'd encountered (like hard to see obstacles on sidewalks--cables from light poles, for example) were included in the training. I wish I remember what course it was.... it was free...
  17. ebikemom

    Plastic Battery Casing Failures...

    Hi Thomas! You are in luck! Here's a photo from 2017!! I never did end up having them replace the case because they said it wasn't necessary, and the battery is still going strong. I see there are some talking here on this thread about battery sleeve issues. We have four Pedegos with plastic...
  18. ebikemom

    Schwalbe Super Moto-X ebike tires are back in stock!!

    It's been hard to get ebike tires during the pandemic. I'm glad to report that these are back in stock at Schwalbe: I have them on my Pedego Interceptor and they...
  19. ebikemom

    Fatbike Tires Compared to Not So Fatbike Tires

    I have a Pedego cruiser with 2.4" tires, and they have a softer ride, definitely, than my old bike that had skinnier tires. The level of inflation also impacts ride comfort. But the best thing for ride comfort, I think, is getting a great suspension seat-post. My bike came with a low-end...
  20. ebikemom

    scooter not charging to full after blowing up charging port. im at a loss why.. can i use the controller port as charging port with a splitter?

    There may not be many electric scooter people here because this is an e-bicycle forum...