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  1. theemartymac

    What do you HATE about your fat tires?

    I ended up putting a set of Bontrager Rougarous on in May, and so far they have been great. Not quite as smooth rolling as the Chicane's I took off (and I miss the tan sidewall flair), but very good handlers by comparison. Happy enough given the current selection limitations. Bontrager is...
  2. theemartymac

    Best Wireless Earbuds for Ebikes

    Everyone is going to have their own preference, but I found this video interesting. This fellow (Very much a traditional minimalist) test rode many of the systems mentioned in this thread just to examine the concept of music while riding. In the end he wasn't suddenly going to change his own...
  3. theemartymac

    LION Battery 'Explosion' Kills One

    Reported on BC CTV News. Suspected Bike battery. Seems like a bit of a loose use of explosion in this particular story, but regardless...
  4. theemartymac

    Do I need a full face motorcycle helmet?

    Washing and drying the liner in the machine will often fluff it up again and fill the gap that results after it packs out a bit between haircuts. I find mine work great that way.
  5. theemartymac

    Tell me about suspension fork brands and pricing

    I wouldn't quite say that, or at least without qualifying the statement with "in the budget tier". Generally cheap spring forks aren't great, but there are many premium coil forks that outperform air shocks in technical and severe-use environments. An Adventure probably isn't worth...
  6. theemartymac

    What are the most important factors when buying an ebike?

    There are many good points made here, particularly that your budget is a bit light for a high-miler/quality commuter ebike, but to add one key point in my mind: 'Cheap Chinese Parts' is used far too liberally around discussion like this, and it must be mentioned that pretty much any...
  7. theemartymac

    New Bike Day!!!

    Would look good with a low-pro rack and some leather saddlebags too - if you needed the cargo space...
  8. theemartymac

    Commuter question - Middle of hot summer - what if it stays out in the shade?

    Just make sure the shade will stay all day. A cool shady spot in the morning may be baked in the afternoon sun.
  9. theemartymac

    MC helmet with eBike when I am on busy streets

    Helmet choice is pretty particular to the individual and their needs, but there is value in a proper helmet. You won't need (or even want) the sound isolation provided by MC helmets, as the wind noise won't get that loud. Many MC helmets make for poor venting at low speeds, and the heat and...
  10. theemartymac

    I think phone cases are getting crazy expensive

    You want grippy? I'll give you grippy! lol D-Brand Extreme Grip Test
  11. theemartymac

    How fast is too fast for you?

    I have a highway median route home that I use on my commute some days when the traffic is light. It is a slight downhill for the middle 7 miles or so, and I regularly maintain 40mph easily. I upgraded my front chainring specifically to meet that need, and I can sustain that at a brisk, but not...
  12. theemartymac

    Advice. Looking for an ebike to bring my 4.5 yo to school 1 mile away in NYC

    If something like that Tern folder don't work, you might need to consider a trailer. That could work with most any bike (Most), and could be taken inside separately.
  13. theemartymac

    Bike stands for eBike maintenance

    So my Park Tool PRS-25 arrived and I have had time to use it a little bit. Definitely big ebike rated! I am impressed how light it is, while still easily accommodating the weight of my fat-tired monster. Only a mild wiggle when working even with the vertical post extended to a comfortable...
  14. theemartymac

    Juggernaut Duo 3 update with some warnings for big folks (read: fat and over 300lbs)

    I'm similar to you in size and measurements, and you've certainly figured out the main points the hard way. Now you might be able to just upgrade the spring in the fork as well. It's still an entry level fork, and you aren't going to make the overall fork any stronger, but you should be able...
  15. theemartymac

    Serial 1 Announcement Discussion

    That model only works at scale. Consumer reports is a gigantic subscription-model magazine and website, with additional revenue from grants/contracts and other funding streams. They almost certainly didn't start out that way either, and had to build themselves up over years to a point where...
  16. theemartymac

    Disappointed w/ Sondors Rockstar power

    I've seen a few videos that describe the power of the Rockstar with terms like "not overpowered', and 'manageable'. Right away, that tells you it's not an unrestricted beast. It is a 90lb FS bike, so not going to pop wheelies like a sur ron. Many reviews reference how noticeable the weight...
  17. theemartymac

    Not riding again until I install mirrors

    Just cuz you can I guess...
  18. theemartymac

    Construction of the battery units - wouldn't it have made sense to make cells replaceable?

    Modular construction costs a lot, and doesn't makes business sense for most manufacturers. Lithium-family cells are also not very tolerant of mix and match ages and brand/quality. Here is a video from a very tech saavy youtube blogger from up here in Canada who thought he could save money...
  19. theemartymac

    Serial 1 Announcement Discussion

    I think the point was that it costs the site/company money to pay an employee time and travel to do the review, so the common business model was to have the manufacturer pay a review fee and/or sponsor the review with at least in-kind considerations, and setup/delivery of the bike with a...
  20. theemartymac

    Not riding again until I install mirrors

    Some are convex (wide angle FOV) as well. I put these 3" ones on my city bike, and they are large, all metal, nicely convex, and show a good wide & clear image with no vibration. They are mounted on...