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  1. baxterblack

    You should use the review videos to be informed of what you are seeking

    You should use the review videos to be informed of what you are seeking
  2. baxterblack

    Police - questioning the power rating of your E-bike? or Ticketing you?

    most interactions have been in National Parks and regional rail-trails - all positive, I think mostly because the ones I've interacted with know that their agency will be getting E_Bikes in their fleet pending evaluation and bidding process and post covid supply chain improvements.
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    Trying to choose between three folding fat tire e-bikes: E-Lux Sierra, Rad Power RadMini 4, or the Sondors XS?

    what is your motivation to limit your choice to folding e-bikes ? so many good ways to transport with a small investment of a hitch / hitch rack.
  4. baxterblack

    Seriously (not subjectively)... Do suspension forks improve safety on Urban ebikes?

    I would say yes, in the case of urban riding, the need to avoid or taking quick action to maintain safety , may require you to jump a curb. I would say front suspension may help with that.
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    Are you telling me you are carrying the spare battery in a backpack?!

    EVOC FR Ebike -- can carry extra battery and encourages me to bring necessary tools
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    2019 Haibike Fullseven LT 3

    LBS put an internally routed crank bros dropper post on my Haibike
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    Fat bikes a fad?

    I have a Haibike Full Fat 6 seven... Fun.Fun.+Fun ride everywhere and anywhere
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    NYT on Ebikes today:

    Many of us are entering a new stage of pandemic grief: adaptation. We are asking ourselves: How do we live with this new reality? For many Americans, part of the solution has been to buy an electric bike. The battery-powered two-wheelers have become a compelling alternative for commuters who...
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    NYT on Ebikes today:
  10. baxterblack

    8 Reasons why People Don’t Ride Bikes

    cyclists and pedestrians safety is the biggest issue -WAY too many people texting looking down only scanning for cars
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    30 Chinese Cities are on Level 1 lockdown

    article posted by OP in January - story from June '19. --- CBC Canada is no joke - - Is there more to this ?
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    30 Chinese Cities are on Level 1 lockdown

    Wow- this is weird to see your post 3 months later .... not to hijack your post, but was there more detail about this and was it Covid 19 related?
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    30 Chinese Cities are on Level 1 lockdown

    It is painful to look at the date of the original post by Mike's and see the info that was available in late January. Our Federal Government was asleep at the wheel.
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    Only 7 mile range on new BPM Ultra fat-tire bike. Am I doing something wrong?

    I'm 225 - Haibike full fat 6 seven 4 inch tires also ,and ave 40+ miles with 20% battery remaining
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    Full Suspension vs. Fat Tire

    Agree 100% .
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    Full Suspension Class 3 E-bike Availability

    Haibike - I have a Full Fat Six 7 -love it- great for all types of riding