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  1. Cody196

    Help with running 60v or 72v on my 48v 1000w controller with HVC

    Ok so I have been wondering if anyone could help me identify how i can make this controller allow 63+ volts to the hub motor cause i wanna go a little more faster than 28 mph, any ideas where the HVC (high voltage cutoff) would be and how to bypass it? On the back side i see some small writing...
  2. Cody196

    Possible to make an Ebike go 75+ mph?

    Hello does anyone know how I could manage to get an ebike to go 85 mph? What amps, motor, and voltage would i need to achieve this goal?
  3. Cody196

    48v 1000w Ebike Tall Bars are off and new batteries

    Ok so now I got rid of the tall handle bars off my bike, and replaced them with standard size mountain bike flat bars. Also have 8x 12v 7ah batteries wired in series and parallel 48v 14ah total. Still only gets me like 5 miles on a charge which is decent for now, but I am trying to find a cheap...
  4. Cody196

    Happy Birthday to Court!

    happy birthday Court.
  5. Cody196

    Only getting 0.5 mile per charge ever since not being able to charge very low batteries for several

    Hey i am only getting 0.5 mile per charge ever since not being able to charge very low batteries for several days, any idea why this is? My friend lost my original charger last month and i jsut bought the batteries last month too before he lsot the charger, since then the batteries been low for...
  6. Cody196

    48v 1000w kit on 60v.

    hey do you think you could link me or find me a 60v controller that you may think would work with my kit? And I agree with you about the 59.9v limit since i can hook an extra 6v to it.
  7. Cody196

    48v 1000w kit on 60v.

    i have enough wiring and electrical knowledge to make my own battery pack if i wanted to
  8. Cody196

    48v 1000w kit on 60v.

    i dont use endless-sphere.
  9. Cody196

    48v 1000w kit on 60v.

    could you send me a link to a good one that might work with my kit picture above. I looked and looked and they are all chinese ones with different type of phase connectors. PS, i no longer trust anything from china.
  10. Cody196

    48v 1000w kit on 60v.

    Do you know any way i can bypass, I had in mind to use jsut an off/on switch wired to batteries and motor but the problem is my hub motor has three phase wires and 5 hall wires so idk which is negative and which is positive to wire to batteries. or is there any wire i can cut that goes to...
  11. Cody196

    48v 1000w kit on 60v.

    It lets me add an extra 6v and the wheel spins faster on 54v than on 48v but 60v it is beyond the limit i am assuming is 59-60v limit
  12. Cody196

    48v 1000w hub motor cutting in and out at full steady throttle

    I am haaving issues now where i push my throttle in, its a thumb throttle, it keeps cutting motor in and out, if i hold it in steady at full throttle it keeps jolting power in and out. I checked all wires and all are connected right and batteries are charged all the way and brand new aswell and...
  13. Cody196

    48v 1000w kit on 60v.

    any help? till cant figure why it doesnt move when i add an extra battery in series for 60v
  14. Cody196

    48v 1000w kit on 60v.

    Hello, so I need some help figuring out how to have my motor move in a 60v battery pack, so everything is functional at 48v but when i add one more 12v battery for 60v the lights on the throttle still show, it turns on and everything bu it don't engage the motor at all,so i revert back to 48v...
  15. Cody196

    Charing 12v batteries with 24v 1.5a charger?

    ok so my 4x 12v 7ah batteries i just bought it had a decent range and since i had lsot my old charger and had to leave it super low charge for days til i was able to charge it, now it only will get me a mile on a charge. WTF
  16. Cody196

    Charing 12v batteries with 24v 1.5a charger?

    Ok si I only got my 48v 3a charger and 24v 1.5a charger and my batteries are not equal voltage, and i want to charge the batteries individually but i only got the two chargers, my 48v charger only charges to an extent, will it work, i put the 24v charger wires to a 12v battery, green light shows...
  17. Cody196

    48v 1000w downhill Test @32-34 mph

    besides cops know me in town and don't honestly know how ebikes work here in michigan as it doesnt really say in the Code but as far as i know they comply with the same motor code as others. So as long as I am not hooligan riding it then i should have no issues whatsoever
  18. Cody196

    Having hard time finding new 48v 2.5a charger

    lol nah i forgive him, i bought a 3a 48v xlr charger and going to cut off output plug for the pc plug
  19. Cody196

    Calculating / estimating how long an ebike will last

    Ok so the formula I go by to figure out ebike range is Voltage x capacity(ah) for watt hours then divide watt hours by your motor watts. i.e 48v x 12ah = 576wh / 1000w = 0.576 Take a 48v 12ah battery back and a 1000w motor power for the estimated time in decimals 1.00 is approximately 1 hour...
  20. Cody196

    48v 1000w downhill Test @32-34 mph

    no thats jsut a ray or something from the sunlight, i have a fujifilm finepix camera 720p. I pass police all the time on my ebike, hell I am friends with one of them and I showed him my bike and said he never seen anything like it and thinks its cool