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  1. ElevenAD

    The 8 Best Electric Mountain Bikes of 2024 [Apparently]

    Wt? that list just made my head explode, no really im about to crawl on to the floor and gather the pieces! Seems like every single bike list i read these days is just pure madness.
  2. ElevenAD

    750w Bafang vs 500w Ananda

    I hope you got that thing on sale,$3500 is too much for a BBS02 bike imo, i see not much has changed with Dost. I think a Rize RX with a M620 motor and 2 batteries is only $3100? I have no idea why Dost prices are so high, if anyone does please chime in.
  3. ElevenAD

    What Is Causing This Voltage Drop?

    Try starting the ride with the back up pack, see if your primary pack also loses voltage while its in the pannier if you haven't already.
  4. ElevenAD

    True or False - Bafang 750w vs Bafang 750w

    Yes there is a more robust true 750 available for fat bikes but that does not mean every fat bike with a Bafang 750 will have the bigger motor, for example older Rad Power fat bikes used the thinner 750 motor inside the wider casing. The only way you can know for sure is if you see it written...
  5. ElevenAD

    Fat tire ebike for short rider

    Cheapest doesn't always = the best choice, the company and customer service are also huge factors, at least a company like Aventon have been around for a while and have established themselves as a solid brand.
  6. ElevenAD

    750w Bafang vs 500w Ananda

    LBS probably wont be much help with Bafang M620 or BBSHD because they are both 1000watt motors but you may be able to test ride an Ananda if you can find one local. Test ride whatever your LBS has that catches your eye, you never know maybe you will find you dont need the additional power or...
  7. ElevenAD

    Cannabis, how is it legalized?

    Any tips on where to purchase Auto Flower seeds? My local dispensary sells everything but seeds lol, they do not want you growing!
  8. ElevenAD

    750w Bafang vs 500w Ananda

    At 300lbs i would go with something powered by a 160nm Bafang like an M620 or a BBSHD, 120nm is ok but its not going to be spectacular with that much weight especially if your carrying additional cargo, the metal gears of the M620 are also a plus but they do make the motor louder than the other...
  9. ElevenAD

    Cannabis, how is it legalized?

    This actually looks like it could be a cool hobby i could get into not to mention the fantastic benefits, i have a few friends who like me do not have green thumbs but they still managed to get some pretty good results, i think im gonna give it a shot!
  10. ElevenAD

    Bafang Reliability

    Yup i ride the same, i was going to sell my smaller packs but then quickly realized the were great for fine tuning the amount of battery needed for a ride, if i dont need an additional 19ah i will grab an 11ah pack and you really notice the difference in weight!
  11. ElevenAD

    FLX Blade 2.0
  12. ElevenAD

    Build or buy?

    My Rize(2019) has an older UART M620 that can be programed with the usb cable but i think m620s made after 2021 are probably CAN-BUS and are pretty well locked down. Dont quote me on this but im pretty sure.
  13. ElevenAD

    Build or buy?

    Rize seem to get a lot of hate but i have one and love it, i would also buy from them again in a heartbeat.
  14. ElevenAD

    Zen Photon Ultra - limited version (Bafang Ultra, Rohloff Speed hub, Gates belt drive)

    OH Man this is going to be a fantastic bike! Price?
  15. ElevenAD

    Build or buy?

    The BBSHD for one is not a torque sensing motor its cadence which might actually be better for your lady's knees but imho a purpose built bike is the way to go for your first bike, build a DIY bike after you have some ebike experience and you know exactly what you need in an E-Bike.
  16. ElevenAD

    UC Pro Bafang UART motor failure

    maybe check out some how to vids before you start. Ithink these were the two that got me through my first motor swap with no issues!
  17. ElevenAD

    UC Pro Bafang UART motor failure

    Thats odd, keep im mind those bolts are snug so after unscrewing you will need to stick something in the whole and tap the bolts out with a mallet, they will not just fall out after they are unscrewed.
  18. ElevenAD

    Were You Moving Away From E-Bikes, What Traditional Bicycle Would You Buy?

    '86 Hutch Trickstar, selling mine was one of the biggest mistakes i ever made! If i had $4800 lying around i would snag this for sure!
  19. ElevenAD

    Evolution Of An E-Biker - From Aventon Level, to DIY BBSHD Fat Bike, to CF Luna Cycle Z1 Enduro, to Frey Savannah CC, to Rohloff Hub.

    For the type of ridding i do QR is just fine, this is a more comfortable price range for me!
  20. ElevenAD

    Are my assumptions correct?

    That weight is going to limit you but ill go ahead and recommend a Specialized Turbo Vado, its only 5lbs over your target weight and for sure checks the rest of your boxes.