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  1. FrankR

    Recent Brake Announcement by Lectric

    Same. Filled out the form for those. I still don't understand how they are doing the controller upgrade. [some sort of update, or, a whole controller]
  2. FrankR

    Bicyclist collides with a bear!

    Bear sightings are why our "cheater" motors and throttle are such good things. :)
  3. FrankR

    Adding a Down tube Battery as a Spare

    Hmm. If Grin Tech tells it, it is probably a good purchase. Have discovered them recently, and the prices are affordable. I don't want to underspend and risk safety, though, but I see 2 companies now recommending them, so maybe it is worthy. Thanks for the response.
  4. FrankR

    Recent Brake Announcement by Lectric

    I guess the Facebook forums are more popular for Lectric dialog than here. Lectric released an announcement last week stating that in a small batch of XP 3.0 bikes, they found safety issues that could lead to brake failure. They are initiating a program to offer every XP 3.0 owner a hydraulic...
  5. FrankR

    Hailong Battery Quality and Safety

    I see a number of threads about Hailong batteries - but mostly about how to mount, etc. Anyone know any facts about the quality and safety of these batteries?
  6. FrankR

    Adding a Down tube Battery as a Spare

    How did you do with the longevity and overall quality of the Hailong battery?
  7. FrankR

    Hailong Battery has no fuse

    Did you ever get this solved?
  8. FrankR

    Graduating from 1 bike to 2

    Good point. :) But if I ever was going to move out of this price point, and could afford it, I imagine the incentive would be to return to motorcycling - electric. :)
  9. FrankR

    Obsession with hydraulic brakes

    I find that many people in the Lectricverse are obsessed with claiming the stock brakes are crap, and it's hydraulic or stay home. I'm not getting it. My wife and I both have Lectric style bikes with disc brakes. They provide More than enough stopping power. I lived on my bicycle as a...
  10. FrankR

    What will it take to convert a 2.0 to accommodate 4” tires? Post links if you got them!

    Excellent. Thanks. Yeah, I think I will enjoy a 20x3 street tire much more than a 20x4 knobby.
  11. FrankR

    Online E-Bikes - is it a scam?

    This is a fact. There are many ebikes out there that are ultimately coming from the same OEM design. But, Lectric Does stand above others - by providing a legitimate amount of support and parts.
  12. FrankR

    Graduating from 1 bike to 2

    I haven't been here in a while. I jumped into the ebike world last year in March or April I think. I had a great time last year. Bought basically a Lectric clone - from a 3rd party dealer selling Paselec ebikes. It's possible Paselec makes Lectric bikes, but I don't know. All I know is the...
  13. FrankR

    What will it take to convert a 2.0 to accommodate 4” tires? Post links if you got them!

    Maybe we should swap forks and rims. :) I want the opposite direction. I have 20x4, and when those tires are shot, one way or another, I'm converting to 20x3 street.
  14. FrankR

    PSA: Vendors must provide replacement parts for sale for e-bikes sold to customers in California, for 7 years

    Would love to see more laws requiring parts availability. Even if 7 years seems to be extreme for some companies, I'd be happy with a solid 5. Not sure how this would apply to stuff ordered direct from China, v.s., stuff ordered by a U.S. dealer selling the stuff from China.
  15. FrankR

    Anything significantly new/different coming for the 2023 season?

    I watched a fascinating YouTube video about the possibilities of sodium ion batteries, but it sounds like it will be a while before it could possibly trickle into the eBike world. Anything significantly new/different coming for the 2023 season? How about U.S. dealers? Any other names...
  16. FrankR

    CATL will start mass producing sodium-ion batteries

    Thought I would bump this. What's the latest?
  17. FrankR

    Addmotor —WTF

    I wouldn't assume Addmotor even Has a U.S. office and rep. Have you folks tried other avenues besides email? Maybe you will catch someone who cares at their Facebook page.
  18. FrankR

    Winter Is Coming - Biking in Cold Weather

    If my bike stays up, I plan to use it throughout the winter. When I discovered motorcycles in my early 40s, I couldn't accepted not riding the whole winter, so, I rode at least once a week in the winter, and I just chose the most mild day. [relatively speaking, of course, living in the...
  19. FrankR

    Got my first bike, a Jupiter Discovery X5.

    Great looking frame on those bikes. And the weight is great.