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  1. rvehock

    Where can I buy an MINI insulated bike bottle?
  2. rvehock

    What Flashing Tail Light are Members Using?
  3. rvehock

    Suggestions for rear light/turn signals?

    Stupid is as Stupid does
  4. rvehock

    What's the best saddle for long rides?

    I had tried many different saddles over the years and this one works well for me on extended rides:
  5. rvehock

    First dog attack

    I carry Pepper Spray, a sharp knife, and a .32 auto pistol (11 rounds) that can take care of any situation that I can come across.
  6. rvehock

    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    Around my home in Clearwater Florida
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  8. rvehock

    PAS Levels and Throttle

    Is there anyway you can program the controller on my new 2.0 to limit throttle speed to match PAS levels? This XP 2.0 is for my wife so it scares her when the throttle accelerates past the PAS level she is set on but she still wants to user the throttle at times. I can disable the throttle...
  9. rvehock

    Can you recommend to me a good bike for 1500 or less, details follow

    This is a great deal ($1059 with free shipping) for a decent bike and components, got one being delivered for my wife on Monday the 9th out of Tacoma Washington. I sold a 2020 Espin Flow that my wife had previously as she did not like the ride at all, hope this one does the trick...
  10. rvehock

    Flow developed strange "ticking" noise

    Might be your pedals
  11. rvehock

    Platform rack for 2-bikes -- advice, please

    I have this platform rack from Yakima and it is solid as a rock and comes with nice ramp to load my two eBikes:
  12. rvehock

    NCM Prague - Rear wheel issue

    I carry one of these tubes that does not require removing the rear wheel
  13. rvehock

    Nero Accessories

    I have one of these on my wife's Espin Flow and it performs very well for the price point
  14. rvehock

    Got the Sport and the Flow. The Pros and Cons.
  15. rvehock

    Got the Sport and the Flow. The Pros and Cons.

    Are you sure that the clicking is not coming from one of your pedals, had the same problem and a new set of pedals took care of it.
  16. rvehock

    espin Flow?

    5 foot 6 inches
  17. rvehock

    Ordered a Sport and a Flow

    I also purchased a Flow for my wife and she also loves it, I think you will be happy with the quality of Espin
  18. rvehock

    espin Flow?

    No, I thought it was the Flow so I opened the box and realized it was the Sport and sealed the box back up and called Espin and they sent me a new Fedex shipping label for the Sport so I sealed the box and attached the new shipping label.
  19. rvehock

    espin Flow?

    Ordered July 21st but got a Sport sent to me my mistake, finally got the Flow Yesterday LOL