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  1. Kriegs

    Bulls Iconic Evo TR1 SPEED 2021 review

    Congrats on a great purchase. I was looking at these but your point on why their is no connectivity to a better display is a function that the current Bosch speed gen 4 motors do not offer their “smart system”
  2. Kriegs

    Advice for someone who is bad at hills and has limited servicing options - budget under $4k

    I would look right now with the sale going on at Evelo as you can get the Omega or Atlas for $3500 delivered with an Enviolo hud and gates belt drive and that Bafang mid motor is a beast with 120nm torque to get you up any hill with ease
  3. Kriegs

    General question for Aurora/ Omega owners.

    To be clear you can only set the percentage of assistance you get in the app which is relayed to the bike. You do that once and not worry about it until you realize you would like more assistance at a certain cadence. Call Evelo and talk it out with someone more knowledgeable than myself and get...
  4. Kriegs

    General question for Aurora/ Omega owners.

    I have driven both and what matters is the person and their usage. For commuting, the automatic is a game changer as you can still use the app for adjustments to the assistance depending on your cadence. With the manual, you lose that ability but can manually adjust on at anytime except under...
  5. Kriegs

    What lock can fit installed on Atlas?

    I see only an area where they show a water bottle/ is that where you can install an Abus folding or something similar or is there another place on the Atlas
  6. Kriegs

    Great sale going on now at Evelo

    Hi, after much research for my first e-bike purchase for Asheville NC was today when evelo Atlas was 25%off. To get a hard tail e-bike or adventure bike with enviolo and gates belt for that price made the decision for me. Thanks for all of your comments and posts in this forum.