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  1. WilliamT

    Disable throttle and brakes KT Controller

    I don't use the throttle (disconnected) or the brake cutoffs (disconnected) on my BBS02. The brake cutoffs makes it very difficult to ride in refrozen snow especially when climbing. I need the motor engaged all the time to keep the momentum going while feathering the brake to maintain my...
  2. WilliamT

    The problem with ebikes

    With ebikes, you can make the trip as easy or as difficult as you like. I did a 60 mile event today on my carbon road bike and honestly I don't feel tired at all. Even did another 10 miles just to explore. The only hard parts were the hills, the flats were easy. Two days ago, I did 107 mile...
  3. WilliamT

    Rode my acoustic today.

    after putting nylon flat pedals and a gel seat on my regular bike, I find that I ride it much more often. I'm about 6.5 miles round trip from an Amazon return center so anything that can fit in a backpack, I'll return by bicycle. This year, I've gotten more involved with group rides and have...
  4. WilliamT

    2022 DC 50 States Ride (9/17/22)

    For anyone interested, the DC 50 states ride is coming up I'll be riding the 60 mile one on my road bike. I'm guessing ebikes are probably fine too.
  5. WilliamT

    What Are Your Tips & Tricks For Changing a Tire After it's Off the Bike?

    I also have marathon plus tires on one of my bikes and this Koolstop Tire Bead Jack has really saved me a lot of time. Use one hand to hold it in place and slowly move it across the rim.
  6. WilliamT

    Inclement Weather E-Biking

    I would rather bike in freezing temperatures and heavy rainstorms for over an hour then drive my car to work where I park underground and completely free from the elements. The hard part is trying to keep my laptop, work clothes, and dress shoes dry going through the storm. Bought some drybags...
  7. WilliamT

    Getting out the house quicker / Making the eBike the easy choice (over a car)

    I keep a backpack that holds my lock, and n95 mask. The only thing I add is my wallet. The bike stays in my home office so its easy to get to and it close to the door. 1) I also switched to flat nylon pedals so any shoe with a rubber sole will work. 2) changed the quick release to skewers so...
  8. WilliamT

    Long distance riding

    Bike handles great. Weight is down low in the back so I don't notice it.. Front uses Rockshox air forks for a smooth ride over dirt and gravel I was comfortable riding it on gravel using my tt bars. I also have 760 mm wide handlebars (with a 45mm stem to account for the width) on it so its...
  9. WilliamT

    Riding in the bike lane, VA to Baltimore

    RideWithGPS seemed to do a pretty good job. It picked the roads that I was going to use after going through the maps manually. I might as well check out the Inner Harbor while I'm there. I'll have the GoPro running next time. Now with the external battery, recording time went from 1hr to 10hrs.
  10. WilliamT

    Riding in the bike lane, VA to Baltimore

    So I'm been planning a ride from Springfield VA to Baltimore's Inner Harbor and Fort McHenry. Google Maps takes me on roads like this where the bike lane is so narrow in a 45-50 mph road that even the bike picture doesn't fit. Are there bike routes to Baltimore from Virginia that people have...
  11. WilliamT

    Earbuds and wind noise

    in colder temperatures, I switch to a ski helmet which covers your ear entirely and it very comfortable. Some look like cycling helmets (lones by Smith) with the exception of the padding. Many have vents that you can open in warmer temperatures.
  12. WilliamT

    Long distance riding

    I started in Springfield VA heading east to the river (Mount Vernon Trail) up to Georgetown. From there I headed to Brunwick Campground before turning around.
  13. WilliamT

    Long distance riding

    The tires were ok. Just felt a bump on the rear tire. Every squirrel I see, I'm thinking "don't do it, don't do it". Everyone was riding west to east and I was looking forward to that on the ride back. Riding back mostly downhill was fantastic. I tried to take a break every hour to eat and...
  14. WilliamT

    Long distance riding

    I have a 28 ah battery in the frame. That got me 100 miles. Then I have a 34 ah rectangle battery pack in the pannier that sits on top of the wooden platform in the footwell. Both used for the rear motor. I also carried a 20 ah battery on the other footwell for the front motor used in hill...
  15. WilliamT

    Long distance riding

    So yesterday I took the Radwagon out for a 145 mile ride. It was the first time I used tailwind packets in my drink and it really kept my energy up and feeling hydrated. It was mainly on the C&O canal and I must have passed 50 squirrels trying run in front of me. One didn't make it. I passed...
  16. WilliamT

    Bikes that are good on high arching bridges.

    The Eunorau G20 has a total length of 76 inch. I'm not surprised it didn't fit the elevator. RadRunner 2 (wheelbase 45 inch, total length: 68 inch)
  17. WilliamT

    Water Bottles

    I used to use the Camelbak Podium Insulated with ice. My last ride was about 4 hrs in 82 degree F temperatures. After 2 hrs, the water was already warm. Now I'm trying this one which is metal insulated and fits in my water bottle cage.
  18. WilliamT

    garmin varia is excellent

    I have the varia attached under my bike seat on my non e-bike. It just sits sideways, but works fine.
  19. WilliamT

    Radwagon Renegerative Braking activates without engaging brakes

    When I'm pedalling down a hill and I get to 25 mph, the regen kicks in and holds me back even when I standing on the pedals to apply more power. Did they ever resolve this problem? I can't go past 25 mph on my own as the regen is fighting me. I would gladly pay for a new controller if that is...
  20. WilliamT

    DC bike ride

    For 2022, it looks like ebikes are allowed according to their FAQ "DC Bike Ride welcomes class 1, 2 and 3 e-bikes. Class 1 and 3 e-bikes have a motor that provides assistance only when the rider is pedaling. Class 2 e-bikes have a throttle. If you participate with a class 2 e-bike, you are not...