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  1. antimirov

    USA 2G networks shutting down - 2G Theft Recovery will no longer work

    Yes, it sucks, but $350 for an OMNI-C is a pretty good deal. I mean it's a compromise, but at least Stromer is offering a solution with nice discount here.
  2. antimirov

    Front mount child seat on Stromer?

    I'm not sure it's possible, but I definitely know that it's illegal to put any kids onto 45km/h Stromer model. At least here in the EU. Bike trailers aren't allowed either.
  3. antimirov

    Question on lights and regeneration, ST1 Elite

    In my 2016 ST1 the regen (recuperation as they called it) began only from 70% of the battery and below, unlike my newer ST1 X, where there is a little recup already at 99%. If you want to change the strength of recup, it can be configured via code 1011. The default is 5 (iirc), I found 17 to...
  4. antimirov

    Stromer batteries from the thread
  5. antimirov

    Refill a Stromer Battery

    Awesome, thanks! I hope these guys are still in business next year.
  6. antimirov

    Refill a Stromer Battery

    I wouldn't mind paying $775 for a new one. But funny thing is, with Holland being so close to the Switzerland, they somehow charge us €1000 for the same 522Wh battery here. I'm even worried that a year from now they can go out of stock and the price of the remaining packs will skyrocket.
  7. antimirov

    Refill a Stromer Battery

    Does anyone know if the 3.6V batteries inside Stromer's battery packs are welded together or kept inside some sort of frame/case? How easy would it be to buy 50 batteries from Samsung when my current 522Wh pack degrades beyond usable? I'm not trying to cheat or something, just worried that maybe...
  8. antimirov

    Assistance levels 2 to 4 makes no difference – Stromer ST1

    In my case levels 2 and 3 are almost identical. But from 1 to 2 there is a big jump, plus 1-st level does not allow more than 25km/h. And 3 to 4 is definitely sensible. Did you try to play with 1004 code? Maybe it's set much higher than the default 50? It's possible that when 70 of more it makes...
  9. antimirov

    Insurance worth the cost?

    Here in the Netherlands I pay €25.60 per month for Liability insurance + Theft insurance for my ST1. It seems like a reasonable amount of money for such a service. But I would not pay €100 per month of course.
  10. antimirov

    Stromer won't start

    Guys, is there a battery inside the display of ST1? If so, why does is then reset date/time every time I'm removing the main battery to charge it home?
  11. antimirov

    A car replacement? YES!

    Great video. Although I would say the amount of k-calories spent is overestimated. I don't know how that device measures it, but ~1000 kcals seems too much for 20 miles route.