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  1. rich c

    Replaced cassette after 1300 miles Vado 4.0

    I didn't change the cassette on my Haibike Trekking until 7,000 miles. How often are you lubing the chain and adjust the tension on the derailleur? I suggest you up your maintenance schedule and make slower shifts not under power.
  2. rich c

    Error 640 on Bosch Powertube 500 battery after 1000 hours of use

    Clean the contacts between the display and its base. This video might help.
  3. rich c

    Current etrike offerings and buying tips

    Low center of gravity is the biggest advantage. I have a Fat Tad with a rear hub motor. I've topped it out at 24mph so far. I would never do that on a traditional trike!
  4. rich c

    Help me select a bike please

    He must only have 4 hours off on Tuesday with that logic.
  5. rich c

    Wallke X3 PRO 2020 - help identify this part please

    Is your eBike a folder? I think I've seen this described as some kind of a shipping protective piece.
  6. rich c

    Can I do this?

    I think you are a bit short of bicycle experience to possibly complete the task, but if you are okay with the possibility of a couple piles of parts and no eBike at the end, call it a learning experience and have at it.
  7. rich c

    Does Anyone have experience using a suspension seat post with a sprung saddle?

    It's going to be very difficult to tune the seat post when you have twice the spring. I'd suggest padded cycling shorts instead of double sprung seating and go to a great local bicycle shop and have them fit you for a good saddle.
  8. rich c

    Brake Issues

    You didn't check the spokes once during the first 500 miles? You better step up your maintenance or take it back to the dealer more often. Only takes a couple of minutes to plink the spokes! Also spend some time checking fasteners, especially in that first 100 miles. These things take a lot of...
  9. rich c

    Thoughts on Beach Riding?

    It sucks in so many types of dry sand. Riding on the wet isn't bad at all.
  10. rich c

    Mackinac Island impounds ebikes

    My take is that they don't want 30+ mph scooters in the heavy fudge tourist season. Good for them. After riding 7 years I can honestly say I've never seen anyone riding a throttle eBike at 20mph.
  11. rich c

    Does anyone check all bike's bearings on initial assembly?

    I certainly check all the fits. Spin the pedals, wiggle the front fork, and spin both wheels. If it feels like the assembly is too tight, then I dig in and see what the problem is. I also check all the fasteners. I then do the same thing at 100 miles.
  12. rich c

    Wiring 3rd Party Hardware Into Bosch Batteries

    Perhaps? Of course that is the reason. Are you 70? I am. Along with a bad knee, cataracts, and a leaky heart valve.
  13. rich c

    Wiring 3rd Party Hardware Into Bosch Batteries

    Why do 70 year olds want to haul cargo? I'm 70, I sure don't to haul anything but me. My eBikes with the Bosch system has everything I need already. You'll have to splice into wiring to add anything, but that will void the warranties instantly.
  14. rich c

    Normal shipment time?

    Nothing is normal in shipping, and getting impatient with them telling you 2.5 weeks and they are just 3 1/2 days past that is pretty trivial. You better hope they didn't ship it UPS because they are about to go on strike if they haven't already. An Ebike is not going to reduce back and wrist...
  15. rich c

    Those recovering

    Buy her a trike with a throttle. If she's that weak, a third tire will make it much more pleasurable.
  16. rich c

    Help finding a mid-drive, torque ebike with a throttle and natural pedal assist?

    Jeremy, You aren't a moderator are you? If you aren't, then don't tell us about what to say or do on the forum. It's not senseless just because you say so, and I resent you saying that in your response to me. I've been around here 5 years longer than you have. My comment was about why have a...
  17. rich c

    Brake Issues

    Thee must be 50 videos on YouTube for noisy brakes. The life of brakes is dependent on your weight, your riding style, how often you adjust them if they are mechanical, and the number of hills you go down. I buy replacement pads for my hydraulic brakes on Amazon about every 3,500 miles.
  18. rich c

    Help with hill climbing on trails

    That controller mounted in front of the bottom bracket will not make a very good skid plate. If you can still see it after it's covered with mud and dripping water. Love that jumping picture with the text book case of chain slap! So no clutch in the derailleur.
  19. rich c

    Help finding a mid-drive, torque ebike with a throttle and natural pedal assist?

    Natural pedal assist AND a throttle? Now that is an oxymoron statement if I ever read one. "I need a natural pedal assist on my scooter please"
  20. rich c

    Help with hill climbing on trails

    To many resellers of eBikes, it's a mtb if it has knobby tires. You don't need high power. I ride a full suspension Haibike with a 350w (nominal rating) and I've never been stopped on a single track. If you want a real mtb, your budget better be higher than budget pricing. LOL Get rid of the fat...