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  1. FlatSix911

    Hi Court, I just returned from the Sea Otter Classic and spoke with Andy Wilkoff, the inventor...

    Hi Court, I just returned from the Sea Otter Classic and spoke with Andy Wilkoff, the inventor of the Handlebar Jack tool. He has a great product for electric bike owners and I would recommend reviewing his tool in EBR. Regards, Ted PS. Thanks for your consideration - he did not ask for my...
  2. FlatSix911

    New Motobecane Gravel/Road Bikes with Integrated Battery and MidDrive BAFANG M800 System

    Looks like the eMulekick is back in stock at BD. $2,300 for a 28 mph Class-3 Gravel bike with a BAFANG M800 Electric MidDrive and SRAM APEX 1X11. ;)
  3. FlatSix911

    How a San Francisco woman saved over $50,000 by swapping her car for an electric bike

    Nice to see more regular folks and families use Ebikes for transportation... the typical American could save over $7,500 annually by ditching the car. ;) A San Francisco woman has...
  4. FlatSix911

    Hub drive or mid drive.

    I sometimes ride with a friend who has a RadRover 5 with a 750W geared hub motor and a 48V, 14 Ah (672 Wh) Battery. Unfortunately, we now have to avoid steep hills as he is unable to climb these 20% grades and has to dismount and walk. ;) He was told by Rad that the geared hub would be able to...
  5. FlatSix911

    Hub drive or mid drive.

    Try using Stava to calculate the actual grade on any segment of your ride... here is a good example of a 19.8% grade.
  6. FlatSix911

    eMTB Options For 2024

    Agreed... the dealer should have been upfront about the used Ebike with no warranty from the very beginning of the transaction. BTW, I have a friend in the bike business and the standard retail markup is over 100%... so he can discount 50% and still break even. ;)
  7. FlatSix911

    Hub drive or mid drive.

    Matt, Welcome to EBR and thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge on this forum. I have been staying up late recently reading your blog... great stuff, long may you ride! ;) Tales On Two Wheels Life is like a wheel… and it will run...
  8. FlatSix911

    Hub drive or mid drive.

    Interesting reading... this blog was posted in another thread and discussed the build of a combination front hub and mid-drive bike. Is this the best of both worlds... read the problem statement and brief introduction to link to the complete article below to find out? ;)...
  9. FlatSix911

    rechargeable portable pump $35

    I use this lightweight portable pump... quick and easy with digital readout. The price is right if you already have a Ryobi Battery ... $29 shipped ;)...
  10. FlatSix911

    eMTB Options For 2024

    Congrats on her new ride... reminds me of the days when I used to casually wander into the local car dealer and bring home a surprise. ;)
  11. FlatSix911

    First Impressions: New 2021 Ebikes from Diamondback!

    Here's another Diamondback review from Electrek... along with a brief marketing video. ;)
  12. FlatSix911

    eMTB Options For 2024

    Equal time for the Ladies who don't take a backseat to ride with the guys. ;)
  13. FlatSix911

    eMTB Options For 2024

    Time to share a bit of motivation to get out there... Spring MTB riding is here! ;)
  14. FlatSix911

    We are working on a documentary: "A story of the electric bicycle in the United States"

    I may be interested and responded to your documentary link. ;)
  15. FlatSix911

    Orange Seal tire sealant works

    It should work the same as a low-pressure tire and it's rated for motorcycles.
  16. FlatSix911

    Orange Seal tire sealant works

    Thanks for the tip... I will try FlatOut next time instead of Slime.
  17. FlatSix911

    Kona launches new electric bike models with eMTB, gravel and commuter e-bikes

    Congrats... let us know how you like the ride!
  18. FlatSix911

    Schwalbe Johnny Watts (and other Schwalbe SUV tyres) User Club

    Good to hear about the positive effect on range. I'm still on the fence regarding the off-road capability on the steep technical stuff.