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  1. Dewey

    Congressman Earl Blumenauer to retire in '24 Representing Portland and Mt Hood, Oregon, Congressman Blumenauer founded the Congressional Bike Caucus, and has been a stalwart supporter of federal funding for cycling this year including the Bicycle...
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    Hello from Wales (UK).

    Thought about studying at Aberystwyth but went to Sheffield instead. My wife and I did travel to St David’s 20 years ago. West Wales has some spectacular scenery, the view around Carreg Cennen Castle, St Govans chapel tucked away down a cliff. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
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    Pedal Assist

    See First, charge the bike, the LED light will change color during charging but when it remains white the bike is fully charged. Then after you turn on the system, short press the...
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    Pashley to launch a consumer ebike in 2024

    In a recent crowdfunding announcement seeking funding to expand its existing e-cargo and e-bikeshare production, Pashley announced it plans to launch a consumer ebike next year. Over the past 10 years consumer Pashley ebikes have been DIY conversions of their traditional steel framed models...
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    Difficulty reaching customer support

    The Jetson Bolt is very popular here in the DC area, the ride-on model with no pedals is relatively lightweight at 34lb which is handy for commuters, the Pro model with pedals is 42lb which is closer to your Haze model. What sort of range are you getting on your Haze?
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    Difficulty reaching customer support

    Another article by Micah Toll on the demise of Sondors
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    Looking for an e-bike in NZ

    The relatively light weight and utility of Tern bikes like the Vektron folder and Quick Haul model are worth a test ride. I'm partial to the converted Pashley bikes supplied by Adam Blackwell, not modern technology but drum brakes work fine in the rain. Also the Wisper Wayfarer seems a decent...
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    questions to people that are commuting

    My mileage is lower at about 1,500-2,000 annually. I'm on my second battery and the first lasted 5 years. The Schwalbe Marathon rear tire lasts on average two years, front is a year-old Schwalbe Mondial and has plenty of tread. I go through maybe 2-3 inner tubes each year. The Enviolo CVT is...
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    Hello from Wales (UK).

    Jack Thurston's excellent book series "Lost Lanes" Wales has a few ride suggestions.
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    Surge Traveler P5e. UK model. This folder from a British shop that also sells Tern, Riese & Mueller, etc, is priced similarly to a Tern Vektron Q9 but has Enviolo CVT, the more powerful Bosch Performance motor, and larger PowerPack 500 battery.
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    Conettore posteriore

    il connettore è così? Controlla con Mahle o con la marca della tua bici, ma sembra che il connettore a 9 pin potrebbe essere un HiGo Z910. Se sì, la Grin Tech in Canada ha pubblicato il diagramma pin-put sul proprio sito web c'è un negozio tedesco che vende cavi con questi connettori...
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    Conettore posteriore

    puoi postare una foto del connettore? quale parte è in questo diagramma? è l'estremità femmina del connettore a 9 pin, mostrato a pagina 2, o l'estremità maschio che esce dal motore...
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    Military ebikes

    Interesting blog post on Military motorcycles and ebikes interesting to compare the heat signature of an electric motor vs internal combustion engine
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    2023 models are up on the Gazelle US website

    System 2 is what Bosch are now calling their previous generation motors and supporting batteries, displays, components, etc. The current generation Bosch motors you find on MY2023/24 Gazelle ebikes are called Smart System.
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    NYC PSA E-bike Battery Fires 11/11/22 NBC News

    BRAIN report NYC Council passes two-year funding for an e-bike/battery exchange/trade-in program
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    ToSeven DM Series Mid Motors

    The High Voltage YouTube channel has posted an excellent series of videos on the ToSeven motor that can be viewed from this playlist. My preferred Bafang mid-drive supplier California Ebike is now taking pre-orders on Toseven motors. Watching the videos it seems the kit currently does not come...
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    For District of Columbia residents, an ebike purchase incentive is coming

    September update: Reportedly DC Council voted on Monday 9/18/23 to pass the e-bike rebate bill - the DC LIMS system still shows the bill # B25-0115 as being Under Council Review. DC DDOT will issue the program details some time in 2024.
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    First time ebike owner

    Well done, keep going! Slow and Steady is the way. Your bird reminds me of my aunt's Conure Pancho.
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    First time ebike owner

    This is a link to a 2018 Yamaha Cross Core manual, which also used the PW series motor. Look up a Yamaha part number, then search for it in the official Yamaha Power Assisted Bicycle parts search or on Partzilla.
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    A Beautiful Idea!

    In the EU there are a few mid-drive with mid-mounted IGH combo motors coming onto the market, That’s nice because it leaves both wheels easy to remove when changing a tube/tire. I’ve given up doing tube/tire changes because it’s very time consuming and I usually end up breaking something, last...