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  1. Barry Jones

    Lowest Cost solution for using E-Bikes for delivery?

    OK so that could be distributed across a backpack and panniers. I would consider a battery located in the centre of the bike to provide safe weight distribution, but will leave others to advise re models as Im not up to date on what is available in the states. low price but durability i.e. low...
  2. Barry Jones

    Lowest Cost solution for using E-Bikes for delivery?

    I would have thought the first consideration would be load. What weight and size of delivery will each bike be required to deliver ?
  3. Barry Jones

    Call for Pedego Pictures!

    Im sure you have got this sorted by now, but I just thought I would say that Ive started an owners group on Facebook to swop photos and related Pedego stories.
  4. Barry Jones

    Multi-season/sport helmets

    Have you checked out kayaking helmets ?
  5. Barry Jones

    An E-bike newbie

    Another vote for the Pedego. The Step Thru Cruiser is very accessible and has a good upright peddling position.
  6. Barry Jones

    New "minimalist" helmet for a new biker?

    OK I concede. Nutcase ordered.
  7. Barry Jones

    Do bike manufacturers have the right to privacy when resolving problems?

    Up to a point. I think its only fair to give them a chance to put things right. If it goes well, publicly praise them. If it doesn't, then say so. This feedback educates other would be ebike buyers. As mentioned earlier by another poster, Amazon is a good role model.
  8. Barry Jones

    New "minimalist" helmet for a new biker?

    Another vote for Nutcase. There seems to be some crossover between water, skate and bike helmets. What is the difference ? Could you use a water helmet for biking ? They all offer protection, right ?
  9. Barry Jones

    Pedego Owners Group on Facebook

    I've just taken delivery of my new Cruiser and have both joined this forum and created a Facebook group called the "Pedego Owners Group" so that Pedegoers can share their photographs and community news on that social media platform as well as here.