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  1. justforfun

    2 Newbie E-bike Questions

    Buy from a bike shop whenever possible.
  2. justforfun

    If running tubes why keep patching it instead of replacing it?

    I keep new tubes on the shelf instead of patches.
  3. justforfun


    Nice bike 👍
  4. justforfun

    Do ebikes get more flats ?

    Good 1 ;)
  5. justforfun

    Do ebikes get more flats ?

    Over 10K on my bike, two flats, both caused by staples.
  6. justforfun

    E-bike Kits for senior rider

    Treat yourself with a factory ebike and have fun.
  7. justforfun

    thoughts/suggestions on bike work stands

    I'd rather have a rack but since I don't, I turn the bikes upside down to work on them........
  8. justforfun

    What do you drink?

    16oz half frozen cranberry/raspberry juice.
  9. justforfun

    Braking on hills: scrub off speed vs riding the brakes?

    I enjoy a steep hill with a stop at the bottom. From about 35mph I apply both brakes and come to a smooth stop. So far, so good.
  10. justforfun

    Magura service kit best source

    First time I've seen them. Have Magura hydraulic disc brakes and like them.
  11. justforfun

    Hydraulic Brake Question

    Gotta have those skid marks :cool:
  12. justforfun

    Hydraulic Brake Question

    My hydraulic brakes will lock the wheels so I assume they work as designed.
  13. justforfun

    Simon Cowell breaks back falling from ebike

    Riding lessons the hard way........
  14. justforfun

    Hydraulic brake not working after pad replacement.

    Thanks for the replies. I watched the videos and bought a Magura bleed kit. Got busy with other stuff and haven't used it yet.
  15. justforfun

    Motor noise.

    Motor on wife's Interceptor is making quite a racket. Are the motors fixable or usually R&R?
  16. justforfun

    Hydraulic brake not working after pad replacement.

    Brake has to be pumped to work. Can I simply bleed it or do I need a brake kit to add/drain fluid?
  17. justforfun

    Do you wear a mask when you ride?

    Too many rino's anyway.......carry-on.
  18. justforfun

    Lack of activity on this forum?

    My guess is there are fewer problems. Enjoy your new bikes!
  19. justforfun

    what is the most comfortable and safe helmut you've used

    I wear a motorcycle helmet in the winter, keeps my ears warm.