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  1. pliablemoose

    Specialized Turbo now vs. Stromer ST2 later

    That's a great deal, thanks for telling us. I just bought 2 ST1's last month :(
  2. pliablemoose

    Icky Sticky Pooh

    I always have this image of slipping off the pedal and those pins gouging my leg
  3. pliablemoose

    New "minimalist" helmet for a new biker?

    I wear a helmet, have been a critical care nurse for 30 years, and used to teach the Motorcycle Safety Foundation classes, several points to make. After 40 years of age, your brain/skull is a lot less able to take a blow than when you were younger, the suspensory system in the brain vault...
  4. pliablemoose

    Another Regen Question

    I'm thinking you might need a second battery.
  5. pliablemoose

    Bosch Nyon

    Microsoft makes a phone? Hell, I thought Elop sold MS a galosh factory. (Link Removed - No Longer Exists)
  6. pliablemoose

    Bosch Nyon

    You and I think alike, why reinvent the wheel? We're nearly all carrying around a micro computer in out pockets, some good software and a Bluetooth transmitter, and a mount for the phone and you're set.
  7. pliablemoose

    A Brief Overview of Bosch eBike System

    The Bosch stuff looks really good. Nice to see a huge corporation throw some weight into R&D and ebike manufacturing.
  8. pliablemoose

    Do you think electric bikes should be considered mountain bikes?

    It's going to be interesting, the demographic of ebike owners is a bit older, we have more $ and we vote more often, without those 2 factors, I'd say it's a lost cause, but I think it may well turn out in favor of the ebikes. Not the monster Stealth Bomber type of ebikes, but the <750 watt bikes.
  9. pliablemoose

    eBikes on RAGBRAI

    That's awesome
  10. pliablemoose

    Just scored a Park stand on craigslist

    $100 PRS-5 For some reason, Park used non stainless hardware, and it's got some serious rust, will be swapping it all out for stainless fasteners, should cost all of $10 to make it pretty again :-)
  11. pliablemoose

    Compare-O-Meter? Disk brakes, Throttle, Comfort, Gates, sub $3,500.00

    With those requirements, I'd consider building a mid drive, my next one will be a carbon fiber frame with a mid drive, am waiting for another generation or 2 of motors first though
  12. pliablemoose

    Bafang or 8FUN

    A lot of the guys who DIY keep an eye on craigslist for their next frame, the Giants with dual suspension seem to be pretty popular
  13. pliablemoose

    Bafang or 8FUN

    Happy to help, YouTube is invaluable for this kind of stuff. Please post pictures of your project :)
  14. pliablemoose

    Bafang or 8FUN

  15. pliablemoose

    So I made the plunge, bought a couple of ST1's

    The gear ratio is actually lower on the Platinum, with a 50/11 versus a 52/11 for the Elite, a couple of teeth on a chainring make a pretty significant difference at a given cadence.
  16. pliablemoose

    So I made the plunge, bought a couple of ST1's

    The gearing on the Patterson is a bit too low, and holy crap the Schlumpf is $700. I'd rather put an 8Fun mid motor on it, LOL.
  17. pliablemoose

    Trip to Swans Island

    Great post, thanks :)
  18. pliablemoose

    Zzipper Bicycle Fairing for Electric Bikes?

    The Zzippers are pretty loud when you go over bumps, I don't think it/they would meet your needs.
  19. pliablemoose

    Bafang or 8FUN

  20. pliablemoose

    Bafang or 8FUN

    Welcome, the 8Fun looks like a great motor/concept, what frame are you going to put it on? Planned battery? There's a massive thread over at endless-sphere on that motor, have you been over there? Don't want to lose you, but it seems like a great resource. There's also an install video on...