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    Who is transporting their bike in the back of a station wagon, bike laying on its side?

    My Trek lays on its side, front wheel removed, in the back of the Volvo C30. Of course, the GoCycle fits in quite easily folded.
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    Smart system power outlets

    I look forward to the day (hopefully) when ebikes adopt a system like NMEA 2000 which is on my boat. Regardless of power or sail, chartplotter, autopilot, radar, radio… the connections are “plug and play”. Didn’t use to be that way, every manufacturer had their own proprietary connections. Now...
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    Hello from Kintore Ontario

    Agree with the above posters. I had a Daymak that I bought for my wife to use, thinking it was a better choice than an ebike… but it wasn’t really. The components such as brakes were not nearly as robust as they needed to be for a bike that weight, and the batteries were very basic. I had to...
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    Show us pictures of your cockpit!

    GoCycle G4 phone display.
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    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    That kayak is a beauty! I will definitely consider the build option. Good winter project idea. All the best in your travels!
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    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    That’s great, thanks Prairie Dog. Exactly what I need. I will probably leave the craft tied to the roof of the tug for much of the season, so poly sounds like a good option. I appreciate your advice. We just returned from a 3 week holiday aboard “Unsalted” in Lake Huron’s North Channel. Although...
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    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    My friend, I am interested in your opinion on a kayak to carry with us on our tugboat. A 10’ single occupant craft would fit on the roof easily, or the inflatable option of course. In any case, only a single is needed. It would be used mostly by myself (5’2” height, 165 lb weight) in flat water...
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    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    Recently returned from a trip on our tugboat “Unsalted” to the North Channel of Lake Huron. Took along my folding GoCycle, which worked out quite well. The last photo shows it stowed in its case on the rear deck.
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    City alternative for ebike Bontrager E6 tires

    I have Schwalbe Super Moto-X on my GoCycle. The 2.4 are pretty much the same width as the Marathons I have on the Verve +3, and they have a good all-round city tread. The 27.5 x 2.4 should fit.
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    City alternative for ebike Bontrager E6 tires

    Shwalbe make many tires that are rated for ebikes. I am not at my bike’s location right now, but I am pretty sure I have put Schwalbe tires on it as narrow as 42 x 700
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    What shoes do you ride with?

    I am currently wearing a pair of Bontrager Flatline shoes, and like them a lot. I have wide feet, and these fit very comfortably.
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    How to change rear tire if you have a flat on the road?

    One thing I love about my new GoCycle is that I can change both front and back tires without even taking the wheels off the bike. I did this recently to switch the stock treadless tires out for a pair of Schwalbe Super Moto-X.
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    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    Zipping around town on the new GoCycle. Lots of fun. Added fenders before the second shot… much cleaner riding. Last shot is of “Unsalted”, the boat she’ll be travelling on with us this summer.
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    Tyre Gel Vs Innertube. Anybody used this Gel? Is it good? Worth it?

    I have used Stan’s No-tubes with good results, having it in the tubes before a puncture. Seals most punctures well. I also carry a small bottle of it on my Trek, as it can lose effectiveness after a few months. When I recently bought my new GoCycle, I asked the dealer about running Stan’s in the...
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    Just for fun...

    What a friend we have in cheeses.
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    Show us pictures of your cockpit!

    View of my iPhone on the new GoCycle G4. I’m really liking it for around town (and likely other towns from the boat).
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    Trek Verve +3 lowstep vs. Giant Explore E+ 2STA

    Yes, I installed both. The stem is an easy switch, I used spacers and a cap from my Trek dealer. It doesn’t give you a lot of front suspension, but I and other users here find that it removes the effects of vibration that can numb your hands on a longer ride. The seatpost is great, it definitely...
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    Trek Verve +3 lowstep vs. Giant Explore E+ 2STA

    I have over 12,000 km on my Verve +3. It has been virtually problem free, ridden on trails (dirt, grassy) at least as much as pavement. I put both Redshift stem and seatpost on, upgraded the seat, tires with more tread, removed the chain cover. I live in an area that’s not too hilly so the power...
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    Do you regret buying (or not buying) Step-thru vs. Step-over frame?

    I have put over 12,000 km on my Trek step-through and have absolutely no regrets. I don’t think it looks like a woman’s bike… after all the alterations I’ve made to allow me to comfortably use it on some pretty rough trails, many self-respecting ladies probably wouldn’t prefer to be seen on it...
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    Just ordered a Gocycle G4

    Nordic Tug 32