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  1. alloo

    Priority E Coast

    I don't really have a range number. I just ride around the neighborhood. I go to the Pool, restaurants, haircuts, ice cream..etc. I'm probably going to sell my Current on Upend. I use the Pannier sold by Priority it fits well. I am having issues with the bike falling over. I wish the bike had a...
  2. alloo

    Used Ebike Dealers

    I found this website. They have some good deals and it's also a way to sell your used ebike. Enjoy!
  3. alloo

    Evelo, Gazelle, or Priority

    If no local bike shop won't service my bike. I use Mobile bicycle repair service. Their rates are better and they come to your house or business to work on your bike. Direct to Consumer is the way to go.
  4. alloo

    Priority E Coast

    The more I ride the E-Coast the more that I like it. I've even reduced my level of assist to 1 or 2. I do use the throttle to get off the line from a stop. I'm starting to appreciate the simplicity of the single speed. The E-Coast is a very nice cruiser. I wish they would incorporate the Coast...
  5. alloo

    Priority second ebike ?

    The Priority E-Coast has a throttle.
  6. alloo

    Priority Current -- Test Drive (Buffalo, NY area)

    I went with the Shimano 5 speed. I didn't want to spend the extra on the Enviolo. Maybe I should have, but stuck to tried and true hub shifter. I'm pretty happy with it. Although, I wish the current was an 8 speed. Oh well.
  7. alloo

    Priority E Coast

    Priority Current is a pure commuting machine. My current is the 5 speed one. The current is faster, but the e-coast is smoother. You can effectively travel on level 3 while pedaling on the e-coast after that pedaling is useless. Most of my commute is relatively flat 6 miles about 20-25 mins one...
  8. alloo

    Dost announces CVT belt drive models

    I ended up get a 5 speed Priority Current. It's good for my commute of 6 miles one way.
  9. alloo

    Evelo Owners, what do you do when..........

    If local bicycle shops won't service your ebike. I'm sure a mobile bicycle repair business will.
  10. alloo

    Evelo, Gazelle, or Priority

    I purchased a Priority Current. No issues. I enjoy DTC companies, their more innovative, and provide great value for price point. I use the LBS for service if they will service. If not I use Mobile bicycle Service. I like Yamaha Mid-Drives as Yamaha has been building e-bikes since the 1990s...
  11. alloo

    Priority E Coast

    Rode the Priority E-Coast to work that is six miles away. Smooth ride, great over road imperfections. I am concerned with how much battery the hub eats up in Level 3. It seems to me that Level 3 is the level where pedaling is being exceeded by speed. I love level 2. I enjoyed the ride and...
  12. alloo

    Great Deal on Costco Priority Currents

    I just purchased a Priority E Coast on Costco Next as well.
  13. alloo

    Priority E Coast

    I own a priority current and will own a priority ecoast. I'll use the priority ecoast for cruising around the neighborhood, going to the store, for a quick bite or bar hopping. I purchased one on the Costco Next website and got a great deal. A local bike shop will assemble my bike and I'll let...
  14. alloo

    New way to have more fun riding in the snow

    How about these?
  15. alloo

    Bicycle Tire Snow Chains

    What do you think of these for the winter? Would you use them? Saw these online an am curious.
  16. alloo

    Costco Next Out of Stock for Current
  17. alloo

    Priority E Coast

    What do you think about this beach cruiser?
  18. alloo

    Winter Sucks

    I commute four seasons in Denver and Albuquerque. I've gotten a little soft by commuting three to four days a week. 50 F to 20 F. I enjoy commuting because it warms me up. My commute is six miles one way.
  19. alloo

    Dost announces CVT belt drive models

    I wish Gazelle had a dealer in ABQ.
  20. alloo


    You can also use mobile bike repair businesses to assemble and service/maintain your ebike.