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  1. Paul H.

    HAIBIKE 2017 28 MPH?

    I love the Trekking RX. It's a great ride. I haven't tried it off road, however. The tires don't seem to me to invite that kind of use, although they'd probably be just fine on a basic fire road here in Marin. But the rest of the experience has been great. The only thing I'm unhappy with is the...
  2. Paul H.

    HAIBIKE 2017 28 MPH?

    Love the improvements on the Xduro Trekking. Of course, having just bought one about a week ago, I'm sort of wishing I had waited. But, then again, I couldn't wait! Really excited about that new Urban bike, too. Can't wait to see what that's like in person.
  3. Paul H.

    Bad torque sensor on the ST2

    I'm bummed to hear that you're feeling like you made the wrong decision with the Stromer ST2, especially since your videos on YouTube were one of the factors making me want to get the bike. Having tested a lot of bikes, I still feel like there's nothing else that rides/drives quite like that...
  4. Paul H.

    Got hit by a car last night

    So glad you're okay. I feel the same way about how biking is leading to changes in the way I drive. Yet another great benefit of starting to bike again.
  5. Paul H.

    Hello from Marin County, California!

    Hey Cameron. I've been reading Overvolted too! In fact, that's how I first found out about the Stromer ST1x. Thanks for the great site! And thanks for the welcome. Paul
  6. Paul H.

    Hello from Marin County, California!

    Hey everyone. I've been loving EBR and the forums for the past several weeks, but I haven't made an official appearance yet. I guess I was waiting to get my bike from the shop, so I could be an official e-bike owner before I said hello. A few days ago, I became the proud owner of a 2016 Haibike...