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  1. John Fuller

    Where to get R&M parts?

    The plastic charging port cover on my 3 month old Homage broke this week. This appears to be a common problem. I'm wondering if anyone has ordered this kit from Amazon to solve the problem. I don't really need the cable, but he cover looks like it's made from rubber and there appears to be a...
  2. John Fuller

    Enviolo Repair / Replacment

    I’ve been doing business with this LBS for years and I used to own a UPS Store in the same strip mall. The mechanics there are very knowledgeable and the service level is great. There may have been a little “fellow business owner” discount in those numbers. Bottom line is the bike feels like...
  3. John Fuller

    Enviolo Repair / Replacment

    Well the new Enviolo hub arrived in a couple of days. LBS did a great job of disassembling the old wheel and lacing up the existing rim to the new Enviolo hub. Installing a new tire and Tannus insert today and will mount the new wheel for a short ride this afternoon. Total cost came in at...
  4. John Fuller

    Schwalbe air plus inner-tube with Tannus inserts

    Been running Tannus inserts on my SuperDelite for over 5,000 miles without a flat. I recently had to remove rear wheel to have a new Enviolo hub installed. When I pulled the Tannus, I noticed that the thickness of the insert was greatly reduced at the center of the insert. I figure it’s about...
  5. John Fuller

    Enviolo Repair / Replacment

    thanks for the input. I have not, but I did try to work with the dealer who sold me the bike. They made a warranty claim to Enviolo, but didn’t say anything about sending the hub to Enviolo for repair. At this stage of the game, my main concern was getting the bike back on the road. I’m 76...
  6. John Fuller

    Enviolo Repair / Replacment

    I ordered a replacement Enviolo 380 trekking hub, and my LBS is gearedup to build a new wheel. Enviolo denied a warranty claim due to the fact that my bike is almost three years old. I have logged 18,000 miles on the bike and now the Enviolo hub is making a strange noise which appears to be...
  7. John Fuller

    Enviolo Repair / Replacment

    Has anyone had an Enviolo 380 hub replaced, I.e., install a new hub using the old rim / spokes or new spokes? My closest R&M dealer is 600 miles away. I know a new Enviolo hub can be had from several bike parts vendors. I just don’t know if a local bike shop would be able to lace up a wheel...
  8. John Fuller

    brake noise on disc brakes could just be the disc.

    I have a SuperDelite with Magura brakes front and rear. I've put almost 8,000 miles on the bike, but the brake pads look OK. It seems like the pads should have required replacement by now, but I can't see or feel any degradation of breaking power. almost all riding is on paved surfaces with...
  9. John Fuller

    Alternative tyres for Superdelite - optimised for puncture resistance

    I’ve had a Superdelite for a little over a year and haven’t changed the SuperMotoX tires that came on the bike. In 7,000 mile of riding on paved greenways and local city streets, I’ve had 2 flats, both caused by what appeared to be the sharp end of a thumbtack and an ordinary staple. The staple...
  10. John Fuller

    Turbo Owners -- What's your total mileage? [OFFICIAL MILEAGE THREAD]

    At nearly 8000 miles i had to replace chain, chain wheel, freehub. The bike still performs well. I recently bought a Reise & Muller Superdelite (Bosch mid motor, dual 500 watt hour batteries, brake lights, front and rear suspension, 4 levels of assist, belt drive, Nuvinci internal gearing, and...
  11. John Fuller

    E-bike recommendation: full suspension and belt drive?

    I bought a SuperDelite with dual batteries and I couldn’t be more pleased. I previously had a Specialized Turbo and there is NO comparison to the R&M bike. I’ve had it less than 3 months and put almost 1,400 miles on it. It is a “beast”.
  12. John Fuller

    Bosch Kiox Ebike Display Settings

    I just purchased an R&M Delite with the Kiox display. Is there any way to rearrange what shows on the screen, i.e., I'd like a screen that shows Cadence and distance covered. Additionally, is there a way to change the assist levels for Eco, Tour, Sport, Turbo? I'm finding the 55% in Eco mode...
  13. John Fuller

    What Real World Range Are You Seeing With Your Specialized Turbo?

    I have a 2014 Turbo. I have Eco mode set to 70% (I'm almost 74 years old.) and I consistently go 25 miles with 50% remaining at the end of the ride. I ride almost exclusively in Eco mode, and average about 16mph. Terrain is mostly flat with a few moderate hills. Battery was upgraded to the 504...
  14. John Fuller

    Turbo Owners -- What's your total mileage? [OFFICIAL MILEAGE THREAD]

    6,000 miles on 2015 Turbo in the past 18 months. Recently replaced the original battery with the 500+Wh battery. I’ve also replaced the brakes with Shimano, installed Ergo bar grips, replaced a failed joystick display and installed a Body Float seat post. The bike is a joy to ride.
  15. John Fuller

    Prior Gen (Hub Drive) Turbo Display Issues

    I had the same issue and opted to pay the $100. New unit works fine. I don’t know what the option will be if the new unit craps out. I have 6,500 miles on the bike, but see no reason to scrap my 2014 turbo and spend several thousand on a new bike. It seems like there ought to be a way to...
  16. John Fuller

    Turbo battery cover cap

    After losing mine a couple of times because I had it on the magnetic holder on the bike when I left for my ride, I bought a small magnet and superglued it to the top of the charger. Now, when I remove the cap from the bike I put it on the magnet attached to the charger. I thought about putting...
  17. John Fuller

    Turbo Owners -- What's your total mileage? [OFFICIAL MILEAGE THREAD]

    3,870 miles since last August with lots of days off and rides on other bikes. Love my Turbo I just mounted These same tires today, and found the rear wheel rubs agains the fastener that holds the rear fender to the frame just behind the seat post. Did you have to adjust this? And if you did...
  18. John Fuller

    BodyFloat / Specialized Turbo X - Seat Post Drilling for rear light wire

    I tried to get Cirrus (now Kinekt) to drill the hole for me when I placed the order. They said everything in stock was already bonded and could not be drilled. They did,however, tell me any good machine shop could do it (3/16" hole). I punched a small guide point in the top of the post and...
  19. John Fuller

    Moving LED module from seat to fender bracket - Specialized Turbo

    I recently ordered a Body Float seat post for my Specialized Turbo. The vendor said they couldn't drill a hole in the top of the post to facilitate routing of the LED seat light module wiring. That got me thinking that I might remove the LED module and mount it to the bracket on the back...
  20. John Fuller

    Does any suspension fork work on the Turbo or Turbo S?

    John, did you ever install the Rockshox Paragon fork? Was it difficult or an afternoon project?