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  1. longlegs

    Dorado Plus Battery with 6 pins

    Sir, do you happen to know where to get this 6-pin discharge port?
  2. longlegs

    Looking For: 6-pin Discharge Port Reention Kirin

    Hi everyone, Do you happen to know any shops that sell a Reention Kirin Battery 6-pin Discharge Port separately? Thanks for the heads up.
  3. longlegs

    Electric bike shuts down when going up hill.

    It's been 3 years. I wonder how was this resolve :)
  4. longlegs

    Jerky PAS

    Vtuvia SN100
  5. longlegs

    Jerky PAS

    Hi rear-hub-motor-cadence-sensing-pas users. Has anyone of you experienced a 'jerky pedal assist' output? I have logged 6000+km already, riding my bike to work everyday since the pandemic. The commute is about 7km flat + 7km uphill. It was smooth. I noticed the jerky behavior (only on ascent)...
  6. longlegs

    Hub Motor Noise

    Thanks for including a link to a similar thread. Will do the suggestions but I'm going to wait for the manufacturer's say first since the motor is still on warranty. Will see how they will respond.
  7. longlegs

    Hub Motor Noise

    Hi everyone. I'm 3500 km in, I notice a weird sound coming off the hub motor. The sound escalates right when the motor cuts off the power. The motor is designed to cut off power at certain speed at different PAS level. What could this be?
  8. longlegs

    Squeaky Motor

    I did a separate test where I removed the brakes. Still the same. My guess is the rubber seal.
  9. longlegs

    Squeaky Motor

    I've read some hubs have rubber seals to protect from water and dirt. Maybe I was cleaning too meticulously that it rubs off the lubrication down there?
  10. longlegs

    Squeaky Motor

    I think my motor is haunted? :( What could be the problem? I did a separate test by disengaging the brakes still, there is a squeaky sound. Also, a noticeable drag is observed. Like an "engine brake" feel. It must be the motor.
  11. longlegs

    BPM Imports F1000 1000W Ultra Mid Drive Fat Tire Electric Bike

    It's good to read real-world reviews here. I was wondering, does anyone know who is their main supplier in China? I want to purchase this bike directly from the supplier. Thank you.
  12. longlegs


    Looks good on paper. Haven't found anyone who has actually purchased the bike though. For a similar frame, check out Vtuvia SN100. I think it's better.
  13. longlegs

    Anyone have the XC200 Plus?

    Any thoughts about your XC200PLUS you want to share?
  14. longlegs

    The Parent Company

    Which company is really manufacturing the bikes?
  15. longlegs

    Cyrusher x Lankeleisi

    Are Cyrusher and Lankeleisi the same company?
  16. longlegs

    The Parent Company

    I've been searching for the parent company of Eahora. We all know that most bikes are made in China and just got rebranded when shipped out globally. I found a supplier in Alibaba. Is this the parent company? Has anyone ordered bikes directly from them...