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    New Lectric ebike coming? Anyone know or want to guess?

    Official launch on 11/01/2023. Price wise its tempting to get one for a cheap beater/loaner BUT there are so many fat tire value ebikes to choose from. It did seem weird that Lectric entered the saturated fat tire market.
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    So went to REI for service and...

    I had a broken spoke on my Lectric XP 3.0's (my fault, I caught it on something) rear wheel. I was going to try and fix it myself but time said pay someone else. Most of the spokes were loose from me still riding it before I realized the crunching was getting louder. So off to REI to see if...
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    Bike tires? Puncture proof? Skid proof?

    But the fact remains that flats are inevitable, and when they happen you have to be ready. With my good quality puncture "resistant" tires, Slime inner tubes and Mr. Tuffy liners I greatly reduced the flat event. I did get a flat on my ebike leaving work one night. I did a thread with a picture...
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    Addmotor brake cable

    Local bicycle shop if needed right away. If you just need the inner wire you need a approximate length, match if the top that goes into the lever with whatever feral end you have (most likely round/flat sides) and remove old cable wire and route the new cable wire. I kept 2 extra cables on hand...
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    Bike tires? Puncture proof? Skid proof?

    My faith i Tannus faded when I installed Tannus liners on a friends bike and he still got a flat. I looked like a piece of steel belting from a car tire. What was super funny was the Tannus were compressed paper thin! I didn't read the care page and was unaware you were supposed to lower the...
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    Question re: locking bike and concern for vandalism

    I'm obviously older now but in my younger years we had the "legendary" Worksman beach cruiser. This super evil heavy bicycle was extra heavy in our day because the wheels were still steel. We rode these military grade beach cruisers everywhere. And I'm sure all of you remeber the Schwinn Sting...
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    Bike tires? Puncture proof? Skid proof?

    Mr. Tuffy tire liners. Best liners out there.
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    New Lectric ebike coming? Anyone know or want to guess?

    Same here. I purchased my XP 3.0 and not even 2 months later they introduced the Xpedition. While I love the XP, ever since I purchased the Xpedition the poor XP just sits. I still love both ebikes though. That Ride1up hits on the main complaints of the XP 3.0, a easy to remove battery and more...
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    Xmas surprise for the Mrs.

    Do you have a Pedego dealer nearby? You can rent a ebike and/or go on guided rides with their group. Test the waters as much as possible WITH the wife. A surprise purchase ebike can go both ways. Pedego is a great way to test ride without any pressure to purchase, and they have everything from...
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    Need help on deciding....

    I like 20" wheels. As long as your'e not hauling butt over a big hole you'll be fine. As to the choice between the 2 are you buying local or DTC? Sometimes the DTC brands will toss in freebies to sweeten the deal. Shame you can't find any of the choices in person for a test ride.
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    Not asking, just making a point.

    What price point reflects the title of a discount ebike? Or what other factors make a ebike a bad value, or earns the title of a POS ebike? My RadRunner 1 was a great value. I rode it 14 miles each way to work Monday thru Friday and ran errands with it on the weekend. I stayed on top of the...
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    Some bicycle travel tips

    Travel related, just not by bike. I used to go to California every year for 2 weeks in the summer, and 2 weeks at Xmass. I got to the point that I didn't pack any shirts or socks. As soon as I landed in LAX I'd walk to a bicycle shop, buy a ex-rental bike. Then I'd jump on the light rail with my...
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    Not asking, just making a point.

    Cheap also means living within your means, and by no means is that a bad thing. I know so many co-workers who are owned by their possessions. They buy a big dollar car then have a panic attack when the big dollar repair or service bill comes. That's on them, I'm happy being frugal. On this...
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    New to e-bikes

    I still have my Lectric XP 3.0 after buying the Lectric Xpedition. The original idea was to have a small folder on hand if needed. The XP fits in both of our cars no problem but its heavy and has many pinch points when folding. But the XP just sits now. Not good for a ebike but I think the...
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    New to e-bikes

    BUZZ makes good ebikes for the price. Great for getting outside and enjoying a ride. Welcome aboard!
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    Upgrading from zoom brakes

    I second Slaphappy. Get a good bleed kit and learn how to work on your brakes. I have Zoom brakes on my Xpedition and they work great with me and my wife bombing around. You could also upgrade the pads to a compound that suits your riding needs. I've yet to bleed my Zoom brakes but I know the...
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    Passed on a Dragster!

    Not sure how many of you are into scooters but I just passed on a chance to buy a Italjet Dragster 50cc. This has always been a dream scooter since it came out in the mid-90's. This one was a 1998 model with only 580 miles. It was in great condition, no crash damage and runs as it should. Let me...
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    Still considering changing from Rad Rover (and Rad)

    Current value in my eyes, Ride1up Priority V2. Not stupid heavy, plenty of power and no worrying about gears. Just doesn't have the "T" word. But wow, that ebike is a heck of a value. Not sure how easily the battery can be removed to help further reduce weight when loading/manhandling. I hate...
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    What's holding back the e-bike boom? Research, safety, and bias (article)

    I'm not so sure. I consider any ebike of good quality starting around $1200. Now this is the discussion we had at work recently. A co-worker wanted to buy something for $1000. He didn't have the $1000 for this "great deal" and thus missed out. I was like "What adult cannot come up with $1000...
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    anybody have riding videos?

    I purchased a DJI 3 action camera and never got around to figuring it out. I'm a luddite to begin with and also found the chest mount very cumbersome, so I quickly lost motivation. As I type this I don't know where the box with the DJI in it went! I hope it hasn't fallen into the thrift store...