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  1. Klein Rider

    UpDate for [#3] [M2S] Multi-tire combo recipe..

    Wow, thanks for the link, too much good stuff 😁 I may follow your 2 tire formula 👍
  2. Klein Rider

    UpDate for [#3] [M2S] Multi-tire combo recipe..

    Hey Sic Puppy, great read as always 😁 What is the '3 tire combo setup' you're referring to?
  3. Klein Rider

    Transporting Radrover 5

    OP, you have the best solution already... roll the bike onto the pick up bed, it is the easiest, safest and most secure way to move these heavy bikes. I have a 70 fat bike, it is no joke, you can hurt yourself / someone / damage your vehicle / cause injury or death if these things fall off your...
  4. Klein Rider

    New pricing format at M2S (disregard.. no longer valid)

    yup, prices went up a little bit
  5. Klein Rider

    ( #11 ) [M2S] CDU Display parameters.. Front shock.. rear shock, etc..

    Hi Sic Puppy, good to see you have another ebike. I am also looking for a lighter 'just as fast' bike to compliment my R750 Kush. I like the Swift except I'm 6'2" and it won't fit me comfortably however I'm glad Biktrix is not shy about releasing fast ebikes. Are you interested in M2S's All...
  6. Klein Rider

    ( #11 ) [M2S] CDU Display parameters.. Front shock.. rear shock, etc..

    As always, thanks for the tips and tricks 👍 I really like your motorcycle rack idea. I currently have a Thule XT2 Pro hitch mount and TBH I prefer something more robust for a 70 lb ebike.
  7. Klein Rider

    M2S Cargo Bike - a different but similar RadWagon 3

    Hey guys what do you think of the M2S All Go Cargo Bike? it sure looks similar to the RadWagon3... even the batteries are similar with the King display. The differences are dual 48v 11.6 Ah batteries, and 500w IG hub motor (80nM torque) and hydraulic brakes. $1999...
  8. Klein Rider

    What are your speculations for 2020 Rad Power Bikes?

    Rad is on a mission to expose people to the positives of e-bikeing they might address fundamental concerns to attract non cyclists such as safety and security. For example they added the brake light function, co branded puncture resistant tires, reflective sidewalls. Maybe updates more inline...
  9. Klein Rider

    What are your speculations for 2020 Rad Power Bikes?

    My 2020 speculations: Frame integrated battery New Rover and Mini frame designs - RP proprietary design New Wagon frame, lighter weight New display - RP proprietary design (no more King Meter) What are your speculations?
  10. Klein Rider

    Dolphin - Max seat height?

    That helps, thank you :)
  11. Klein Rider

    Dolphin - Max seat height?

    Hi, can someone measure their seat post of the Dolphin at the maximum height to pedals at bottom dead center or the ground. I'm tall and looking for decent seat height.
  12. Klein Rider


    Black Friday is a USA phenomenon... we Americans buy things we don't need with money we don't have on the day after Thanksgiving at cheap prices lol
  13. Klein Rider

    (#7) [M2S] (updated Feb 15, 2020) YaHoo!! My 2018 KUSH at day 551 and mile 10,000..

    Thanks Sic Puppy. Can you clarify the 'lag' in WhiteyFord vs the KUSH. Also did it fix itself after 200 miles? I'm not sure I understand your observations. Is the top speed the same for both? "Whenever I took WhiteyFord out for a ride, it always seemed to “lag”. Its power was sub-par to the...
  14. Klein Rider

    All Terrain 750 Cold Weather Issue

    Hey, when motor is not working are you seeing the 'engine' symbol in the display screen? Also make sure the brake lever is not hung up by gloves etc... brake levers have a switch inside (motor inhibitor). I've ridden my R750 down to 35° with no problems
  15. Klein Rider


    2020 updates should be announced a little bit after Black Friday. Normally they use BF to clear out all 2019s.
  16. Klein Rider

    R750 Tires

    Hi Craig, what size frame is your R750? As for the tires, your rear tire will wear out faster than front. My guess is about 1500 miles the knobs will be almost gone. I have about 1500 miles and the rear knobs are almost gone and I ride half trail half pavement.
  17. Klein Rider

    R750 - First Ride Today

    Ok, thank you. I was wondering because at 6'4" your seat height look low in the picture? Their XL frame, jump 3 inches from L (19") to XL (22"). I think the Black or Green high-step pictured in their webpage is their 22" XL...
  18. Klein Rider

    R750 - First Ride Today

    Bonefish, what size frame is your R750?
  19. Klein Rider

    (#6) [M2S] (Photo's too).. (UpDated April 26, 2020) Protect Your Ebikes' "Junk"..

    How do you determine which bike to ride, between the Kush and the hard tail?
  20. Klein Rider

    New Radwagon owner - sharing the good and the bad

    Thanks, I've been researching the Radwagon trying to get as much perspective from different owners as much as possible. This is a good read. Reports of wrong colors and damage from shipping beyond normal rates seem more frequent for Rad. Personally I hope they make the trip meter manually...