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  1. Bud

    IZIP E3 Dash sizing

    I have a 2014 Dash with about 2500 miles on it. Used primarily for commuting and sightseeing. I am 6 foot and riding a large. I would probably go for the smaller frame next time as I’ve done what I can to “shorten up“ the reach and I still feel a bit stretched. I have commented before on...
  2. Bud

    IZIP E3 Dash 2016 - Motor had sudden issues with not cutting off, able to pedal backwards

    I should've mentioned but didn't: Izip direct technical support, customer service and warranty responsiveness have been and hopefully will continue to be excellent!
  3. Bud

    IZIP E3 Dash 2016 - Motor had sudden issues with not cutting off, able to pedal backwards

    While I do not share your model (I have a 2014 with a hub motor) I do share your experience in terms of repairs. I recently posted here requesting recommendations for an experienced E bike mechanic in my area. The administrator gave me three names. I chose the one closest to me and my bike is...
  4. Bud

    Known Issues & Problems with IZIP Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    I am about 2500 miles deep into my 2014 Izip Dash. Haven't posted here in a while, but when I was early on in my ebike investigation and ownership I spent a good deal of time pouring over these pages and left impressed by the community's knowledge and commitment. So I wade in again in need of...
  5. Bud

    Repair Shop Recommendation - Northern NJ

    MY 2014 Izip Dash has s*it the bed and I need to find a no nonsense, capable and knowledgeable shop in my area. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  6. Bud

    2015 Dash Run away...

    So today I became so frustrated with the intermittent power disruptions that I decided to attempt to disconnect the brake lever cut offs. I was surprised to learn that it is a magnet/sensor arrangement. I expected some mechanical switch. Any suggestions about how to adjust the system?
  7. Bud

    2015 Dash Run away...

    I've had not exactly that issue, but I am also frustrated with what appeared to be intermittent power surges and failures which appear to be related to shorts in the system. As I am pedaling in frustration in the middle of one of these episodes I imagine bringing it to the dealer and asking them...
  8. Bud

    Dash fender question to you Currie folks, please?

    Arrived today. Officially not dreaming.
  9. Bud

    Dash fender question to you Currie folks, please?

    FYI - I just ordered a pair of Dash fenders directly from the customer service folks at Currie. They haven't arrived yet, so maybe I'm still dreaming. Since buying my Dash last November I have been trying to find mention, anywhere, about purpose-built or OEM fender or the mythical "City Kit" to...
  10. Bud

    Anyone here joined the National Bike Challenge?

    I posted a note on the national by challenge website, but I probably should've posted here: the question I have is whether we should be logging just electric bike miles, or all bike miles. What's everyone's thoughts on that issue?
  11. Bud

    Team EBR has joined the National Bike Challenge! You should too!

    Fellow Riders of the Dash (and other iZippers), May is the annual kickoff of the National Bike Challenge. The Challenge's motto is: "Ride. Record. Celebrate." The goal of the challenge is to encourage use of the bicycle in daily life and to gather information about the health, economic and...
  12. Bud

    Anyone here joined the National Bike Challenge?

    I have participated in this challenge for the past two or three years. This will be my first time logging most of my miles on an ebike. I've been using Endomondo as my tracking app, but I'm thinking of making a change. Anyone have an app preference? The thing I like most about Endomondo, other...
  13. Bud

    Dash: is there a hack to reduce power on PAS 1?

    I have use the hack on my bike and it makes a very nice difference. I thought it was a little "surgey" at low speed and found at reducing the power smooth things out nicely. I assume, but cannot attest, that it would also increase range.
  14. Bud

    Anybody with 2015 IZIP Dash motor shutdown from overheating?

    I have had the experience, but infrequently. I have a 5 mile commute with about the same elevation gain as you. Downhill on the ride in. Never had a problem. Uphill on the way back, I've had it shut down two or three times when I've been really pushing in the high power level. I received...
  15. Bud

    Locking skewers on Dash (or any ebike with back hub motor)?

    I have a 2014 Dash. Just finished watching Court's review of the Specialized TurboX and one thing really struck me. He praised the bikes solid rear axle and Specialized's decision not to use a skewer noting that he preferred the solid axle as much more stable and appropriate on a speedy and...
  16. Bud

    Hello, World!

    Congra......what city kit? It's available????
  17. Bud

    IZIP Dash hill climbing?

    I have experience both with Ithaca and the Dash...but not the Dash in Ithaca. I have no experience with a geared motor, but the literature suggests it is the best design if torque is the most importent criteria. If torque the most important criteria, and geared motors have their downsides, how...
  18. Bud

    Freezing When Riding! Solution: Heated Vest

    Two cents from someone with no sense to spare: Don't complicate things - keep it simple. In this recent cold weather I have been commuting in office clothing (shirt, tie, suit or sport jacket) under oversized wind pants and shell shell I picked up at a Cabellas close out sale. I wear my ski...
  19. Bud

    2014 Dash

    2014 Dash
  20. Bud

    E3 Peak owners, how often do you need to adjust your derailleur?

    Test rode a Peak today and thought about the poor rear derailleur and chain as I 'banged' gear changes. With my Dash I can regulate chain tension during shifts better than I could on the Peak which had both my pedal force and the mid drive motor's torque transferring to the transmission.