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  1. phoenixtoohot

    Ecotric Hammer - Electric Bike Review

    Welcome ABU. I purchased a Ecotric Hammer fro $1199 from Walmart about 4 months ago and have about 1500 miles on it. I ride mostly on packed dirt/cinder trails and the Hammer seems to just float over everything. It's long wheelbase, front and seat suspension provides a very cushy ride. Highly...
  2. phoenixtoohot

    Do you ever get tired of riding your ebike?

    I've been riding e-bikes for about a year now, almost totally for exercise. I ride the same 23 mile loop on a rails to trails network in Prescott, AZ about 4 times per week. So I'm averaging about 100 miles/week and 4000 miles per year. You would think I would get tired of the same ole thing...
  3. phoenixtoohot

    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    Peavine Trail, Prescott, Arizona, U.S. Bike is a Ecotric Hammer ... long wheelbase, 26x4 tires, front and seat suspension. Very cushy ride, LOL.
  4. phoenixtoohot

    Just Purchased a Ride1Up 500

    I've had a 500 for 7 months with 1600 trouble free miles. Good choice and happy riding. I've added a suspension seatpost, rack bag, seatpost rack and rear view mirror.
  5. phoenixtoohot

    Finally a simple work stand that is ez to lift ebikes

    I posted a similar rig a while back, works great ! LOL
  6. phoenixtoohot

    Help with Aventon Level (or Pace) PAS speeds

    This is a standard and unchangeable feature of the Aventon bikes and has been widely reported in the forums. Many have learned to live with it and some have adopted modulating the brakes and pedal assist. If this is a deal killer for your wife, perhaps you should return the bikes if that option...
  7. phoenixtoohot

    Ecotric Hammer

    Make sure you turned the key lock fully in ... it has about 4 positions
  8. phoenixtoohot

    Ecotric Hammer

    Did you get it for $1199 from Walmart? I've got 800 miles on it so far and it's bullet proof.
  9. phoenixtoohot

    Do you wear a mask when you ride?

    Only in the winter, it's called a balaclava, LOL.
  10. phoenixtoohot

    How On Earth Are Small Bike Companies Going to Continue?

    Do you remember "industry life cycles" from economics 101? Clearly we are still in the emergence phase for e-bikes. I think you could argue that the big 4 were in the mature, possibly decline stage before the introduction of e bikes. See the second chart of bicycle sales in Europe for example...
  11. phoenixtoohot

    Pace 500 - be careful at start, especially when also turning

    Bob, I did not say 50 % don't like their bikes. I said that probably 50% who were considering the Aventon, the rapid accel was a deal killer. They are fine bikes, among the biest at the price point, and most owners are very happy with them. And yes, if you are aware of the rapid accel, you will...
  12. phoenixtoohot

    What do you use for a Helmet? (Pictures Thread)

    I owned 15 motorcycles and always wore full face helmets. I have been riding bikes for 60 years, and have yet to see a cyclist wearing a full face motorcycle helmet. In my opinion, they inhibit your free, unencumbered and agile view to the sides and 3/4 back, Also they greatly reduce your...
  13. phoenixtoohot

    Pace 500 - be careful at start, especially when also turning

    I see that you are both new to the forum, welcome. This issue has been widely discussed on this forum and others. The rapid acceleration is okay with some and dangerous to others. Aventon knows about this but for some reason will not change it. The dangerous part is for those that are not aware...
  14. phoenixtoohot

    What E-Bikes Have You Bought Which Have Exceeded Your Expectations?

    I purchased a Ecotric Hammer fat tire bike for some variation from my Ride1up 500. I was a bit leery, because it is not well known, and I wasn't sure about such a large (8 ft long and 65 lbs) bike. Since I got it, I cannot stop riding it. 850 miles in 3 months. It is well made, impervious to...
  15. phoenixtoohot

    Larger tire for Flow

    Espin recently corrected their Flow/Sport tire specification from 26 x 1.95 to Kenda Komfort, 27.5 x 1.95. The actual tires are 27.5 x 1.95 and just labeled as "Kenda", 40 to 65 psi,
  16. phoenixtoohot

    Larger tire for Flow

    I put 27.5 x 2.2 Kenda Kwick Seven -5's on today and they worked fine (no ties required AHicks 🙂 ). These were tires I had left over from my Ride1up, when I put more dirt oriented tires on it. Anyway, there is plenty of clearance from the fenders, I suspect 2.25 knobbies might even work.
  17. phoenixtoohot

    Sale on Espin Nesta and Nero until Jan 10 $250 off Code NEWRIDE 2021

    It's almost funny when Espin sold the Nero for $999, now marks it up to $1799 and then announces a $250 sale at $1499, LOL. I purchased a Flow for my wife last year at $1199 and she is happy with it. Unfortunately, when Espin prices their bikes at $1799, they have some very tough competition.
  18. phoenixtoohot

    Larger tire for Flow

    Here's the response I got from Espin: "We've had reports of customers employing tires as large as 2.3 inches on our Flow model; be aware that, depending on tread depth and width of the tire, it might rub the fender a bit."
  19. phoenixtoohot

    Larger tire for Flow

    I am looking for a wider tire for my wife on her Flow. We ride mostly packed dirt trails, with loose sand spots. Has anyone replaced the tires with a wider tire, or know how wide a tire the frame could take?