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    Known Issues & Problems with Brose Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    Your sprag clutch bearings are going. This company uses performance line bearings and are located in Tennesse.
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    2023 - Our Rides in Words, Photos, Maps and Videos

    I ride alot. I’m not into metrics or documenting my ride with photos, but last week I turned Strava on. I rode 6 out of 7 days last week. Judging by what Strava is telling me, I’ve climbed several million feet in elevation during the last 21,000 miles. No wonder I’m tired.
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    Difference between adventure and touring cycling?

    I encounter black bears daily. Saw 5 bears in 1 mile the other day.…….a mother and 2 Cubs, and 2 separate adults.
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    Specialized/Brose motor failures?

    If the motor isn’t throwing any error codes, the culprit is most likely the sprag clutch bearings. Brose is already up to their Gen3 version of its carbon fiber belts.
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    Bosch Motor Bearing Failure

    Bosch bearings are replaceable. In Europe. ‘In USA.
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    Vado 4.0 Motor Issues and Motor Replacement/Repair Cost?

    Is your bike throwing any error codes? Check out this website. They are repairing my motor right now. I’ve used them before. They’re very responsive.
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    New Multicharger Owner -- clicking when pedalling question

    I have several encounters with this clicking problem, but on a Brose motor. The sprag clutch bearings were beginning to fail.
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    Evelo, Gazelle, or Priority

    Wuxi Truck Run is the motor.
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    Re-using old Tannus Armour inserts in new Johnny Watts tires?

    Exact same thing happened to me. The old armor that was installed in a 2.4 Super Moto X for over a year, would not fit in a new 2.35 Johnny Watts. Not even close!
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    Zen Electric Bikes in the News / Media

    Speaking for myself, my iPhone has a tracking feature which allows my wife, using her iPhone, to track me. It works flawlessly. Anything else would just be redundant at best. A simple Apple airbag would serve as a backup also.
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    Zen Electric Bikes in the News / Media

    Awesome! How about the dually? Is it going to happen?
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    Zen Electric Bikes in the News / Media

    We need an update on the Shakti. When will it be available?
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    Surly Skid Loader

    A proven bikemaker enters the fray with a nice ebike and a great sense of humor!
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    Third party battery options for an 8Fun front hub motor (Hilltopper)?

    My friend has the same kit and is in the same situation. It appears the controller is built in the bottom of the battery bottle.
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    BH bike truck load at Lenny's. Anyone else catch this on their Instagram?

    Go on the Serial 1 forum and you’ll see that alot of the dealers are not capable of servicing these Brose motors. Also…….there are no batteries available for purchase on their website! This has been the case since the bike has come to market. It’s been almost 2 years now and they’re still not...
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    BH bike truck load at Lenny's. Anyone else catch this on their Instagram?

    I would walk away. Brose in the USA is basically non existent. There is one shop in Colorado that works on Brose. I had my motor overhauled last year with all new bearings and a belt. I have since put over 7000 miles on it. But……….when I made the call to get it fixed , the first question they...
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    Zen Shakti - pictures

    20ah is the ticket!
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    Zen Shakti - pictures

    Using the bike as a true commuter/car replacement, I would opt for the larger battery size. Cold weather zaps power, therefore I’d rather have more on tap.
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    Zen Shakti - pictures

    Ravi, Will the above dual battery configured Shakti be offered as an option, or is it just for testing purposes? This Shakti dually is the bike I want!
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    800Wh battery available in Canada now...

    Has anyone looked at the price of this battery? Wow…..