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    Woeful Battery + Headlight on/off Option ST1 Omni C

    I have a new ST1 Omni C. I previously owned an ST1 Elite until 3 years ago. My new ST1 Omni includes the 814 wH battery. I am disappointed with the range it provides. While it is advertised as being capable of providing a range of 90 miles, it comes nowhere close. Fully loaded, the bike and I...
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    Zen Samurai Diamond

    Just read through all of this. Fantastic, hope to be able to ride one soon.
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    Help choose plz :)

    One other ST1X question. I understand 2G connectivity is no longer supported in the US, correct? And you can upgrade to 3G to regain connectivit through a dealer? How expensive is that?
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    Help choose plz :)

    I would consider the Stromer Elite if you need extra torque for long, steep hills and don't need to go more than 20 mph with pedal assistance. The Platinum is the choice for going over 20 mph. What concerns me about these two models are future service and parts--especially the batteries which...
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    New Stromer ST1x owner from Denmark

    I have been sitting on the fence re: buying an ST1X. I had the ST1 Platinum but was kind of disappointed with the batteries, which seemed to wear out pretty quickly. Questions on the ST1X--I am 66, and one thing I did like about the ST1 was the carbon fiber front fork which absorbed a lot of...
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    Touring Stromer (the long version)

    I used the Jones H-Bar 2.5 on my Fargo and really liked it. Gave me a much more comfortable/relaxed, upright, and less aggressive posture on that bike. I trimmed off the about the same amount off the ends of the handlebars, too. Makes a big difference. I have the Backroller Panniers and a small...
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    Klever e bike brand - Ridiculous battery warranty

    I agree wholeheartedly. Battery life and range are the true Achilles heel of bikes--at least the 2 Stromers I have owned (both ST-1). Even when you use them as instructed, they don't last anywhere near as long as they are purported to. When it comes to range, the claims Stromer made back when I...
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    Touring Stromer (the long version)

    Great to see this. Re: rear rack—you nailed it. Did the same thing with the Salsa seat post collar and a really solid Racktime rack. Your addition of a second clip on each bag to hold panniers tightly is excellent too — I need to do that for sure as once in a while an unexpected pothole at a...
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    Trailer hitch.

    The "mounts" that Stromer makes and sells for the ST-1 line replace the original axle nuts. They really are just nuts with mounts on the outside ends that fit a BOB trailer perfectly. I use mine often. They cost $50, stainless steel, nicely machined.
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    ST1 Extra Battery?

    Forgot to add, my Racktime Rack is way stronger than the standard issue Stromer. It bolts on near the rear axle, and has extension bars that I connect to a Salsa ring that wraps around the seat stem--it is very strong and can easily hold 50-60 lbs. of stuff and withstand the bouncing from ruts...
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    ST1 Extra Battery?

    I have carried 2 spare batteries on long trips on rail trails like the Katy Trail, the GAP in PA, and the C&O Towpath which can be fairly rough. You're right, the battery length can make it a little awkward. I got some large bubble wrap at work and made a couple of sleeves and inserted my...
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    Actual Range on ST1?

    I bought one (blue battery). I ride pretty fast, aggressively for a 63 year old. And I weigh 205. So between me, the bike, and often carrying a second battery in a pannier bag riding on fairly level terrain, I would figure getting 35-40 miles per charge. Might get more, but that would be a safe...
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    The new Stromer ST5

    Would recommend the B-67 for larger riders--I am 6'1", 205 and have ridden my B-67 for nearly 6,000, mostly on a Stromer. Combined with a Thudbuster LT or similar seat stem shock absorber, it makes a big difference.
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    Production of ST1 will cease in 2018 in Europe - still on sale in US

    That's too bad, end of an era in a way. Overall, despite some quirks, the ST-1 Elite and Platinum were excellent bikes, and still relatively affordable. The ST1-X is more expensive, but offers more features. The ST2 and coming ST5 are pretty much out of reach for most people, including me. The...
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    Exploding Tires on Ebikes?

    In over 4000 miles of riding with Big Bens, I have had good luck. I put a load on the bike myself, weighing 205, so my bikes can get close to 300 total lbs. I can hit 30 mph plus downhill, but typically cruise along at 18-20 mph. I like to keep inflation near the max--mid 50 lb. range. After any...
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    Problems with my new ST1

    My ST-1 does make some noise when going up a steep hill using the higher power settings. Sort of a groaning sound, but never loud or bothersome. It's been that way since day one. I only hear it when the motor is really being challenged on a steep uphill climb, never on flat ground or downhill...
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    Refill a Stromer Battery

    Great advice. Did your battery last as long as you expected it to? Did you let it drop below 10% or even down to where it ran out of power completely? That definitely will reduce the life of a Stromer or any other battery.
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    Touring on a Stromer: long distance riding

    Sounds great Joe. Will be anxious to read about your experiences and see any pix you take along the way. Have a great time!
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    Trailer mount Stromer ST2

    Thanks for posting. Glad to meet someone else who runs a trailer with a Stromer. I have an ST1 with a BOB trailer--different mounts on the ST1 for the BOB--basically you replace the stock axle nuts with the Stromer stainless steel nuts that include a flange on the outside end of the nuts. The...
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    How do tell Which model Stromer I have...?

    If it was new and came with a full warranty, I'd say the $3000 price was fair. Did it come with fenders/rack/lights? There is a new battery that is a step up from yours, but it's very expensive (goes for over $1000 new)--the blue 630wH model that arrived this spring for the ST1's. It can extend...